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Sunday, Feb. 11th 2018

What is an Office Liquidation?

Office Liquidation Kansas City

I heard about an office liquidation in Kansas City…what does that mean?  When you have been in the office furniture industry for any length of time, you will start hearing about office liquidations.  Regularly, we are asked to bid or to project manage a local office liquidation.

In fact, we have an office liquidation coming out soon.  (June – January 2019 – 20)   It is in the Plaza area.  Stay tuned as we will know more soon.  This is a phased liquidation as the company updates floor by floor.  If you are looking for something in particular, let us know.  We have started a list from clients on what they need.  Purchasing from the job site is the best pricing and keeps more items out of our landfill.

Here is case study of a project we are worked in February – June 2018.

Office Liquidation Kansas City | Overland Park

One of our national liquidation partners won a liquidation job in Overland Park. This particular job is a big one that is phased. Every couple of months the office furniture for 200 employees is being replaced. As such, we were asked to either purchase the product or market the product. Right now, we are in high supply of office furniture. Most warehouses around the country are full. With the cost of labor to remove office furniture unchanged, most office liquidations are negative bid. That means the company needing the office furniture removed is paying the labor for removal.

A good office liquidator will try to off-set that bid to as close to neutral as much as possible; however, with the move to open plan offices, import pricing pressure, down sizing of office, low price on scrap metal, and full warehouses, most bids continue to be negative.

If you are purchasing new office furniture, this is something to keep in mind. You will likely be paying for the removal of your old furniture. On the positive, if you are looking to purchase used office furniture, the pricing has never been so reasonable. The best place is to find deals coming direct from the job site. These items are available from the office liquidation site:

* Steelcase Criterions Task Chairs
* Refrigerators
* Steelcase Player Stacking Chairs
* Steelcase Cubicles
* Lateral Files

Each phase of the liquidation is a bit different. From an earlier phase, we sold these cool benches from the break room. A local church snapped them up for the teenager study room. After the church picked them up, we had a local contact professionally clean them. They looked incredible.

Flexibility is huge when it comes to office liquidation. If you are flexible in your timing, on the look-out for a particular item, or just want to be in the loop on local liquidations, let us know.

Do you have an office liquidation or on the look out for best deal?  Contact us.  We will let you know if we can help.  


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