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We understand keeping the character of an old industrial building. The metal, wood, concrete…let’s accent & use that in the office design.

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Modern Designs

We understand modern office designs feature a lot of white & clean lines. We compliment that with bold colors and graphics to tell your company story.

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Made in the USA

We know working with local partners is sustainable & provides more quality control. We like to collaborate with local artisans & local manufacturers on many of our products.

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Nobody should have to sacrifice office design due to tight budget. We balance costs & design by providing a solution of new, used, refurbished, & custom products within your budget.

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Sustainable Office

We understand being a good steward to the environment is important. Whether it be recycled glass, paper, wood…we are always on the look out for cool sustainable options.

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Niki's Notes

Office Lighting Designer

Office Lighting Designer

Office Lighting Designer -  That is what we knew we needed for our showroom.  Since sustainability is a huge part of what we do with office furniture, we knew we wanted commercial LED lighting.   Benefits for Commercial LED Lighting...

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Biophilic Design Kansas City

Office Productivity: Why BIOPHILIC DESIGN is your best option

These days, it’s not uncommon to find green plants, moss walls, a lot of natural light and paints with natural colors (on the walls), in offices. The world has discovered its innate need to keep nature as close as possible,...

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Fitwel & A Healthier Workplace

Fitwel What is Fitwel? While attending a presentation on Active Seating, a question was asked about Fitwel. I had never heard the term Fitwel and decided it was time to learn more. Fitwel was developed when The Centers for Disease...

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Thought of the Day

“The role of a designer is that of a very good, thoughtful host anticipating the needs of his guests.”

~Charles Eames


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