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Industrial Office Design

We understand keeping the character of an old industrial building. The metal, wood, concrete…let’s accent & use that in the industrial office design.

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Modern Office Design

We understand modern office design featuring white & clean lines. We compliment that with bold colors and graphics to tell your company story.

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Made in the USA Office Design

Your furniture will not have traveled across an ocean to get to you.  Made in USA Office Design supporting fellow American jobs.  Many of our products are made from Kansas City artisans & manufacturers.

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Budget Office Design

Nobody should have to sacrifice office design due to tight budget. We balance costs & design by providing a solution of new, used, refurbished, & custom products within your budget.

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Sustainable Office

We understand being a good steward to the environment is important. Whether it be recycled glass, paper, wood…we are always on the look out for cool sustainable options.

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Niki's Notes

small rewards ideas

Small Rewards Ideas – those small goals to get you to the big hairy goals

We love this quote, "Life is Like Soccer, You Need Goals!"  To help get you there, we look at small rewards ideas.  There is a whole theory on microproductivity and breaking big tasks into smaller tasks.  When we created our goal board, we...

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office pet peeves

Office Pet Peeves The funny things that drive you crazy in the work place

Oh, the office pet peeves!  We wrote about cubicle etiquette & that created a whole other category of office pet peeves.  As someone that has worked from a home office for the better part of 10 years, we recruited some...

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Business goal setting

Business goal setting, Business reflection, and business focus to reach new heights in your business

As we enter 2019, it is time for my business goal setting.  Armed with my weekly goal board & my brilliant life planner, I am ready!  This year I am trying something new. I decided to pick two words to...

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Thought of the Day

“You create your own decoration.  You choose your color, you choose your mood… (If) you are depressed, you put some bright yellow and suddenly you are happy. ”  ~  Philippe Starck Designer of the Emeco Hudson Chair


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