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Industrial Office Design

Installed in Nashville, we like old, rust, metal, brick, wood, concrete.  Let’s keep that character & accent it into an industrial office design.  

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Modern Office Design

Oh modern…we love the white & clean lines from this Las Vegas project.  Then, let’s add some BAM! with some bold colors to match your brand & what makes your company distinct.  

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Made in the USA Office Design

Your furniture & decor will not be water logged from traveling across the ocean.  Made in USA Office Design supporting fellow American jobs.  This install of custom desks was just outside of Overland Park, Kansas.

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Budget Office Design

Nobody should have to sacrifice good office design due to tight budget.  We walked the tight rope by blending new and used products for this install in Columbia, Missouri to keep within our client’s budget.

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Sustainable Office

Let’s do our part to save the planet!  Whether it be recycled glass, paper, wood, upcycling…we are always on the look out for cool Kansas City sustainable options to include in our office design.  

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Niki's Notes Blog

Office wall with door for manufacturing company

Office Wall with door for manufacturing company

Our latest design challenge was an office wall with door for a manufacturing company. Our office continues to buzz in creating variations of tall, private office cubicles with doors. In this day and age, it is difficult to come up...

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insurance office design ideas

Insurance Office Design Ideas

As a family business ourself, we understand the family recruitment for extra help to work on insurance office design ideas. The client was looking for private offices for an insurance company and his mother-in-law was tasked to help! We worked...

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Cubicle ideas for Growing Company

Cubicle Ideas for Growing Company

With a growing company, you want to make sure your employees feel like they are part of something. No one wants to feel like they are going to work at the DMV. Our client felt the same way and was...

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