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Industrial Office Design

We like old, rust, metal, brick, wood, concrete.  Let’s keep that character & accent it into an industrial office design.  

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Modern Office Design

Oh modern…we love the white & clean lines.  Then, let’s spice it up with some bold colors to match your brand & what makes your company distinct.  

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Made in the USA Office Design

Your furniture & decor will not be water logged from traveling across the ocean.  Made in USA Office Design supporting fellow American jobs.  Many of our products are made from the folks we see at the Corner Mexican Restaurant – Great food by the way! 

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Budget Office Design

Nobody should have to sacrifice good office design due to tight budget.  We walk the tight rope by blending new, used, & custom products to keep within your budget.

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Sustainable Office

Let’s do our part to save the planet!  Whether it be recycled glass, paper, wood, upcycling…we are always on the look out for cool sustainable options.

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Niki's Notes

humor in the workplace

Humor in the Workplace

We believe an office must have is Humor in the Workplace.  Studies show that leading with laughter is very beneficial to a team..   Years ago, I was on a project that tested this theory.  I was consulting in Bethesda,...

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waiting room chairs for medical office

Waiting Room Chairs for Medical Office

We received a call from a client looking for waiting room chairs for medical office.  She had seen some fun ottoman seating and was looking for something similar - a BAM! piece - for a pediatric clinic.  We talked thru...

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office tables

Office Tables Installed: Conference Tables, Training Room Tables, Break Room Tables

This client was looking for office tables.  They needed conference tables, training tables, and break room tables.  We will showcase each area and the furniture chosen to meet the client's needs.  If you are wondering what size table for your...

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Thought of the Day

“Worrying is like paying a debt you don’t owe.”  ~  Mark Twain


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