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Herman Miller Ethospace Cubicles

Herman Miller Ethospace Cubicles are still the one!  Yes, I am singing some Shania Twain while typing this.  Ethospace is the first frame and tile systems developed.  Why do we like it?   You can customize the design to whatever you want.  Before we get into why we like Herman Miller Ethospace, you can learn all things cubicles from our cubicles 101 page.  


herman miller cubicles with glass partitions

Herman Miller Ethospace has evolved into the most popular segmented panel system in the new and used office furniture industry.  It offers an extensive, unique product line that helps define your space!  With its nearly unlimited design options, Ethospace effortlessly accommodates the changing look and technology of offices.   Take for example this install of refurbished Herman Miller Ethospace Cubicles, we did with a bullpen office.  We used custom wood tiles and shelves to bring in a natural element and warm up the design.  

bullpen cubicle layout

Let’s learn about what makes it so fantastic. 

Ethospace Panel Frames

Herman Miller Ethospace starts with a 3-1/2″ thick structural steel frame, which is much thicker than the typical panel frame. You can see the difference in the ethospace thickness here.

6 x 5 office cubicles

You can see the difference when comparing to a panel with only 2″ thickness.

5x5 cubicles
2″ thick panels

This thicker frame allows for tiles to be placed on each side, cabling to run through the panels at many different heights, and provides more noise reduction than your standard panel.  These panel frames are available in several standard heights and widths.

Ethospace Panel Sizes & Heights

There are many heights in the panel sizes and heights. The most common sizes are the 3′ and 4′ panel width. In terms of the panel height, 54″ and 70″ are the best sellers.

Panel Heights-30″, 38″, 36″, 54″, 62″, 70″, and 86″
Panel Widths-18″, 24″, 30″, 36″, 42″, and 48″

You can mix and match any of these panel heights and widths. Ethospace also offers multiple styles for the top cap of the panel and for the base cover, or raceway, at the bottom of the panel.  These trim pieces are available in a veneer option as well as vinyl/steel. 

There are also stack-on frames available.  These frames are 16″ high, and each standard frame can hold up to 2 stack-ons.  They stack on top of a standard panel frame and hold tiles on both sides.  Stack-on frames are a great option to change panel heights, whether you need to raise or lower your panels, or if you just want to change the look of your office!  Additionally, stack-on frames are capable of holding components such as overhead storage units, so they are also a great choice if you need to add storage to a cube that currently has low panels.

Herman Miller Ethospace Power

As previously mentioned, Ethospace has extensive powering capabilities due to the thick panels.  

You can add power to any panel, and you can run your cabling every 8″ within the frame, so if you would like to have desk height  power/data or power behind the overhead storage…no problem!  Each powerway has 2 receptacle locations and 1 communication port location for each side of the panel.

With Ethospace, you can use surface mount boxes which will stick to the base cover on the panels.  Each base cover on Ethospace has a rubber separator at each end allowing low-voltage wires to come out without damaging them.

Below are pics of user side and back side of base covers. If want flush mount, easy solution is use cheap standard wall plates, using short wood screws into plastic base, or you can use the machine screws that come with plates if predrill a smaller hole first.

herman miller ethospace network power
Herman Ethospace Power and Network

Ethospace Tiles

A tile is a piece of material that is mounted to the steel frame with clips to provide a finished cover.  Ethospace tiles come in many different heights, including 8”, 12”, 16”, 20”, 24”and standard panel heights.  This allows the panel to have a segmented, or sectional, appearance.  The 16″ tile is the most common. Or you can do a full height tile, called monolithic, which gives the appearance of a more traditional panel, meaning there are no segments as the tile runs from the top cap to the base raceway of the panel. Ethospace panel frames also offer the option of tiles that go all the way to the floor, which hide the base.   

*Please note-you cannot access any electrical in the base if you use the monolithic tile that goes to the floor

The materials that the tiles are available in vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, but one of the most common and economical materials is fabric wrapped around a solid, sometimes tackable, material.   For a sustainable option, remanufactured ethospace is an excellent choice. The tiles will be metal that can be covered in fabric or painted. This allows you to use magnets vs. push pins. Metal tiles last longer vs. a tackable tile.

Other tiles offered by Ethospace include:

  • Super acoustical fabric tile for higher level of noise reduction
  • Glass tiles-frosted, dot patterned, or clear
  • Painted tiles
  • Grooved tiles
  • Vinyl tiles
  • Veneer (wood) tiles
  • Cable management and cable access tiles
  • Open, pass-through tile
  • Perforated metal-for a high-tech look
  • Markerboard tile
  • Rail tile-this type of tile can hold organizational and ergonomic accessories, such as mail boxes, filing trays, and monitor arms
  • Vertical storage tile-this 16”H tile has 4 vertically divided pockets for storage and display

Plus, we have done some custom tiles. How about laminate tiles? Or, what about moss tiles? Another option Mike did years ago was to fill that 3.5″ space with something cool like river rock. He sandwiched it between 2 panes of glass.

Office Cubicle Ideas
Laminate Tiles & Moss Tiles

Here are some of our favorite Herman Miller Ethospace Cubicles installed. If you would like to talk about ethospace for your office, please contact us to discuss and get a quote.

Herman Miller Ethospace Private Office Cubicles

We have done lots of installs with cubicles with doors.   The Herman Miller ethospace cubicle system can also be an option.  You can see some examples with sliding doors and swing doors.  In this example, the private office is 86″ tall with swing doors.  We like the walnut laminate tiles that match the laminate door. And, then, the glass tiles.  Glass does add to the cost, but BAM! it is sharp.  

Herman Miller Ethospace Private Office Cubicles
Herman Miller Ethospace Private Office Cubicles
cubicles with sliding doors
70″ Tall Herman Miller with Sliding Doors
modern desking
54″ Tall Herman Miller ethospace with dot pattern in glass
tall herman miller cubicles with glass
Tall Herman Miller Private Office
custom painted office cubicles
Custom Painted Office Cubicles
metallic office cubicles
Metallic Office Cubicles
6 x 5 office cubicles
Gray Herman Miller Ethospace Cubicles
herman miller collaborative cubicles
Herman Miller Cubicles with Wood Accents

Herman Miller Ethospace Cubicle Shelf

We took our best selling cubicle shelves and added them to Herman Miller ethospace cubicles. Folks love being able to display their favorite items. The cubicle shelves are perfect for a plant.

herman miller ethospace cubicle shelf
Herman Miller Ethospace Cubicle Shelf

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