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At Green Clean Designs, we design offices for happy & productive clients!

We design office FUrNiture & office decor.  Did you notice how we capitalized the F – U – N in furniture?  That was on purpose!  We love beige and grey, but not everywhere!  We like bright, fun places that feel warm and unique.  Something that makes you & your team happy & productive.  

Years ago, we had a client on a very tight budget, but he wanted one signature piece that had folks walk into the space and go BAM!  We have been adding BAM! pieces to offices ever since.  

We try to blend new, custom, & pre-owned office furniture, so it is affordable & sustainable (eco-friendly).   We like Made in USA too.  We try to be neighborly and work with our talented neighbors on Design Drive. 

We also developed some fun downloadable content.  From funny office kitchen etiquette to fun office ice breakers like Would You Rather, we want to improve the work place!  We believe an office that laughs together stays together!.  

Our team currently has 2 main contributors & a village behind them: Niki & Mike

With close to 40 years of experience between them in the office furniture industry, Niki & Mike have worked on all size projects from home offices to entire buildings and projects all over the US.  So, yes, we are pretty responsible & will meet your deadlines.  

Niki fell in love with the industry when realizing it combined her loves of eco-friendly, sustainability, value shopping, & design. As an electrician & plumber’s daughter, she likes to say she was raised by MacGyver.  

Favorite Quote:

Nothing is Impossible. The word itself is “I’m Possible.”
~ Audrey Hepburn

After years in the commercial furniture industry, Mike developed a distaste for the “disposable furniture” market. After meeting Niki, they discovered that they had the knowledge & ability to repurpose & redesign products that were no longer being used.   Yep, we like reinventing things.  It is a bad habit.  Sometimes  it works & sometimes, it doesn’t.  On a good day, they discovered that they could actually improve on the designs making them much more customizable. 

Favorite Quote:

If you always do what you’ve always done, you will always get what you’ve always gotten. ~ Henry Ford

The site was developed to let you search by office style category, but really search however you want.    

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From Niki’s Notes to the Office Design Tools, we have sprinkled information to help you with your office design.  If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.  

P.S.  Want to know more about us?  We were lucky enough to be featured in a couple of articles.  

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