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Best Cubicle Plants you can’t kill & will give your air quality a boost

We believe the best cubicle plants is an office must have.  Every cubicle dweller needs a plant!  We include plants in our office cubicle decoration ideas.  It adds beauty to your work space.  It also can improve the air quality by removing toxins you find in office buildings.  Many of the indoor plant recommendations came from a NASA study that was summarized in the book, How to Grow Fresh Air: 50 House Plants that Purify your Home and Office by Dr. BC Wolverton done in the 1990s.

The study gave scientific outcomes of utilizing plants in toxin removal by toxin and the benefits of plants in the office.  In terms of your office cubicle, formaldehyde is the toxin we want to remove.  Formaldehyde can be found in particle board, ceiling tiles, carpet, upholstery, & fabric.  Your cubicle and office has plenty of these items.

Boston Fern Plant Benefits

The number 1 plant for removing formaldehyde is the Boston Fern, which is why we listed this plant first.  This plant also adds humidity to the indoor environment.  During dry winter months, a plant that adds humidity is a big plus.  The negative with the Boston Fern is that it requires frequent misting and not the easiest plant to maintain.  It can be a “trashy” plant with the leaves following off, so prepare to daily maintenance of cleaning up leaves.  But, what is wrong with a little clean-up if it is removing formaldehyde?

planters partitions

Peace Lily Plant Benefits

If you are not up for the maintenance of a fern, the peace lily plant is an option.  This plant needs a more consistent and frequent watering routine. It’s difficult for this plant to bloom unless it’s in bright light. Water enough to keep soil moist. As a tropical plant, Peace Lilies prefer higher humidity; achieve this by grouping it with more office plants.  You will want to wash the leaves occasionally to prevent an insect attack.

peace lily plant benefits

Pothos Plant Benefits

Another wonderful choice is the pothos plant.  It is the easiest to grow of all office plants, can withstand neglect, and resistant to insect infestation.  The Pothos plant tolerates all levels of light. Allow the top inch of soil to dry between waterings. Fertilize every six months for best results.  Pothos plants are also easy to propagate for plant babies!

Here is the marbled pothos in the Wallygro eco planter attached to the cubicle via a cubicle hanger.

cubicle partition planter

Jade Succulent

A jade succulent is low maintenance & Feng Shui fans claim it nourishes chi.  It is also known to be lucky and attract wealth. There is something very soothing about those thick round leaves with the kiss of red at the top. We water our jade once a week. We love our jade plant & can not argue with those benefits!    Whether the jade succulent is sitting on a desk or a cubicle shelf, this special plant brings joy!

Cubicle Plant Shelf

wood cubicle shelf decor

handmade indoor ceramic planter

Prayer Plant

The prayer plant appropriately named as the leaves fold up & together at night to preserve moisture.  The prayer plant also removes formaldehyde & requires low light.  Who doesn’t need some prayer at work…right?

cubicle wall planter

Indoor Office Planter & Office Cubicle Planter

We love these cubicle hangers for hanging your plant over your cubicle panels.  The hangers work with panels of a thickness of 2″ to 3.25″.  The hangers come in a package of 2, allowing you to hang 2 plants.  Again, we used the Wallygro Ecoplanters made from recycled plastic as our cubicle planters.  The self watering planters come in many colors to fit the design scheme of your cubicle.    Due to the planter design, the water gets to the plant roots.  We only water these every other week.  Shown with a red prayer plant.

cubicle planters

Plants in the Office

We do love plants in the office.  We thought this visual of 8 of our office plants might give you an idea of some other plants you might consider for your office or cubicle.

plants in the office

Cubicle Partition Planter

If you are thinking, hmmm…I do not think I can keep a plant alive.  This next option is for you.  In this option, we used another cubicle planter that fits on the top of your cubicle panel, making a lovely cubicle accessory.  We did faux plants.  To give some benefit of plants, we added preserved moss to a piece of driftwood.  The preserved moss is dense and helps with the noise pollution in adsorbing sound.   This cubicle planter adds some height to your cubicle providing privacy from your neighbor.   If you have low wall cubicle and are looking for a way to add privacy & sound absorption, this planter would be a good choice.

office cubicle planter

Best Organic Indoor Plant Fertilizer

To have the best cubicles plants, you need the best organic indoor plant fertilizer.  We turn to our Grandview neighbors, Elm Dirt.  This company started in 2020 and has already grown out of their 10,000 square foot space.  Why?  Their plant booster, call plant juice, is that GOOD!  So good, in fact there are many days they are shipping out hundreds of orders.

You can dig into their worm composting via their website. 

For a bottle of their liquid plant booster and what we believe to be the best organic indoor plant fertilizer, here is our amazon affiliate link.  

Amazon Plants Indoors

Can you purchase live plants from Amazon?  Of course!  We purchased 4 plants from Costas Farm in their clean air O2 collection in May of 2019.

All 4 plants are still alive 4 years later!  As we were looking for the affiliate link, we noticed these adorable succulents!  We may have to get some of these too!

Now that you know the best cubicle plants, you may need to upgrade your cubicle.  Can we help you…you bet!  We have all the standard sizes of cubicles information to help you determine the best cubicles.

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