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Cubicle Shelf Decor

This wood cubicle shelf and modern acrylic shelf are our best sellers. Our corner shelf was just launched!   We love seeing the cubicle shelf decor used when these shelves get to their new homes.  

Here are some pictures from our past clients to give you some ideas of how to decorate your cubicle shelf.

Farmhouse Cubicle Decor

We love the fabric back of this cubicle.  Many times it is the cubicle panel fabric that really dates the cubicle.  This client solved this problem with new fabric.  

Farmhouse Cubicle Decor

Contact paper can work.  Walmart has some nice, affordable options.  We used from Pioneer Woman floral contact paper.  We wanted to make sure the contact paper stuck & applied it to cardboard first.  

cubicle wallpaper with wood cubicle shelf

Zen Cubicle Decor

We liked the natural elements cubicle decor from this past client.  She even stained the shelf to match her laminate desktop.  The print of a branch, succulents, and figurines has you taking big deep breaths.  

zen cubicle decor

Calming Cubicle Decor 

This calming cubicle decor has 2 plants and some dog decor.  

calming cubicle decor

Modern Cubicle Decor

Our acrylic cubicle shelf has a more modern feel than the wood shelf.  We love the plant and the gold hello to warm up the cubicle.  

glam cubicle decor
Glam cubicle decor with gold highlights. The mixture of textures from wood, ceramics, metal, & acrylic = GLAM!

Another example from this client added some color!

acrylic cubicle shelf

Eclectic Cubicle Decor 

This eclectic cubicle decor works with a bit of everything!  

eclectic cubicle decor

Cat Cubicle Decor 

This client needed a longer shelf to display her amazing cat decor.  We love the cubicle lights on the shelf.  The cute stuffed kitties may have you headed to adopt a kitty or two! 

cat office decor

Plant Loving Cubicle Decor 

We love all the plants on this custom long cubicle shelf!  

long cubicle shelf

Happy Cubicle Decor

When we saw how Amy decorated her cubicle shelf, it made us happy! We love the colorful painting she worked into the design. The peace sign is perfect!! And, what a cute cactus!

happy cubicle decor
Happy Cubicle Decor

Colorful Cubicle Decor

This colorful cubicle decor is so sweet with the miniatures. Love all the color!

colorful cubicle decor
Colorful Cubicle Decor

Male Cubicle Decor 

Cubicle decor isn’t just for the gals!  We love the wood planter box on the cubicle shelf.  It reminds us of the aluminum desks installed for a horse trailer company.  

male cubicle decor

Valentine’s Day Cubicle Decor 

Holiday decorating puts a smile on your face.  One past client switches out the cubicle decor with the seasons.  Here is what she did for Valentine’s Day cubicle decor.  

Valentine's Day Cubicle Shelf Decor

Corner Cubicle Shelf Decor

This client purchased 2 cubicle shelves.  We love wood cubicle shelf & the corner cubicle shelf.  Which is your favorite?!

corner cubicle shelf decor

Minimalist Cubicle Shelf Decor

We love how Elizabeth went minimal with her cubicle shelf decor.  She has a sweet planter with some color that works with her cubicle panel fabric.  

over the cubicle shelf

St. Patricks Day Cubicle Decor

One past client switches her cubicle decor every holiday.  She keeps some key piecse like the gold tree and then, pins different cut-outs to sync up with the holiday.  

St. Patricks Day cubicle decor

Easter Cubicle Decor 

Easter is such a special holiday.  The welcoming of spring it just one reason to love Easter.  This cubicle decor makes you happy!  

Easter cubicle decor

If you purchased one of our cubicle shelves, we would love to see it!  You can e-mail us at or text a picture to 913-701-4847. 

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