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Front desk that leaves guests with an amazing lasting first impression

A front desk or a reception desk is many times the first impression for your company.  These have shipped from coast to coast.  We utilize repurposed, used office cubicle panels and customize them for your needs & design preference.  The reception desks have been refaced in reclaimed wood, reclaimed slate looking material, fabric remnants, etc.  

This L shaped front desk utilized reclaimed wood.  For the transaction top, we picked a slab of maple.  When we shop for slab, we go to Urban Lumber.  This is not milled wood.  Urban Lumber gets their slabs from trees that have been hit by lightning, disease, development, etc.  As such, there is so much character in this wood.  For more information on this wood reception desk

L Shaped Reclaimed Wood Reception Desk Kansas City

Best Seller Front Desk

This next front desk has been our most popular with the white reclaimed wood.  We have installed several versions in Kansas City, Brooklyn, & Nashville.  In Kansas City, it was used as a reception desk for a technology company.  In Brooklyn, a hair salon has this piece as their front counter.  Then, in Nashville, a dance studio has this as their check-in counter.  A large reception desk was done for an eco-friendly design company in Kansas City.  The transaction top has been recycled glass, laminate, & reclaimed wood.  If you want to more information, e-mail me at  We can design with the right reception desk for you.  

White Reclaimed Wood Reception Desk Kansas City

Salon Sales Counter

Small Reception Desk Kansas City

Reception Desk for a Tech Company

Shiplap Reception Desk Kansas City

White Reception Desk for Eco-friendly Design Company

We can reface the cubicle panels with more than reclaimed wood.  In Denver, we created this reception desk for a spa.  The material we used is called slate-ish.  It is a recycled material that has all the benefits of slate, but lightweight.  The texture in the slate-is adds dimension to this reception desk.  

Sustainable L Shaped Reception Desk Kansas City Greencleandesigns.comSustainable Reception Desk

Another front desk option is fabric.  The fabric option is the most affordable.  We recover the cubicle panels with new fabric.  For this client, they had a beautiful reclaimed wood accent wall.  The office was in a barn like looking building with the bright red.  They chose tomato red and 2 different grey fabrics and glass panels.  The reception desk is a kiss of color to add pop to the office space.  

Reception Desk Kansas City

Modern L Shaped Reception Desk

Did we get you thinking about the reception desk that you want for your office?  We hope so.  If you want to talk about a design for your front desk, you can e-mail me. 

Some other products that might interest you.  We love the moss tiles for commercial spaces.  In terms of air purification, beauty, sound absorption, and low maintenance, moss warms up a space like no other product we have seen.  

Moss Graffiti

Moss Painting 

We also have a product of necessity.  A custom sign to let visitor & customers know you when you will return.  This is a freestanding 5″ x 7″ in a wood try with a dry erase board with your logo and message.  

away from desk sign

Away Desk Sign

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