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Motivational Quotes for Work Success from Rachel Hollis, RBG, Oprah, & Michelle Obama Ted Lasso that will motivate you with a kick in the pants!

There are days when you just need a kick in the pants.  These motivational quotes for work success will be that kick!  To really get the effect of these quotes, you need some good background music.  Two of my favorites:  Rocky Theme Song  & The Greatest Showman  This is me.

Time to dig in & get you going with a kick in the pants!

Ted Lasso Quotes

Who didn’t do some binge TV watching during the pandemic?  Thank you Ted Lasso.  Jason Sudeikis has always been a home town KC favorite.  His charity support of the local children’s hospital is amazing.  This Ted Lasso quote about mentoring is a keeper.

Mentoring Ted Lasso Quote

Rachel Hollis Quotes

First, we think the whole book Girl, Wash Your Face was one giant kick in the pants.  This is the quote that gets us going at 5:00 a.m. “Never break a Promise to Yourself”  Rachel’s story of being turned down by every publisher is a inspirational example.  She had to self publish her first book.  Success never comes overnight.  If you hear someone talk about being an overnight success, do not believe it.  Success can snowball and pick up speed, but it doesn’t start that way.  It brings us to another favorite Rachel Hollis quote:  “No One Cares about your Dreams as much as You.”  You have to make your dream a priority.

rachel hollis quotes never break a promise to yourself

rachel hollis meme

There are some other Rachel Hollis memes that will keep you going.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg Quotes

We love the Notorious RBG.  Ruth Bader Ginsburg is amazing.  She is the sassy & lovable Supreme Court Justice.  Ruth was the second female appointed to the high court.  She was very methodical in small changes for equal rights.  Her strong relationship with the conservative Justice Scalia and ability to be friends & still have opposite views is well known.  Their ability to laugh together is one of the many reasons they were able to be friends.

ruth bader ginsburg quotes

It can be tough keeping all the balls in the air with work, family, and home.  This quote is a good perspective quote.  Do the very best you can.

Oprah Quote

When we look at work success, this Oprah really drives that home.  You might be able to have success, but can you have integrity too?  Be successful & keep your integrity.  “Real integrity is doing the right thing, knowing that nobody’s going to know if you did it or not.

oprah quotes

Michelle Obama Quote

No longer the first lady, but still an activist, Michelle Obama’s quote can keep your motor going when you face head winds at work.  When someone is expressing doubts in you, let that be your motivation to prove them wrong!   In her book, Becoming she hits on a common theme as Rachel Hollis, the struggle to find time for one’s dreams & not be resentful of your spouse.  Michelle talks about being upset when her husband could find time for a work-out, but she couldn’t.   She had to figure out a solution for herself.  In her case, it was asking for assistance from family to find a couple of hours during the week to workout.

michelle obama quotes

Did we miss your motivational quotes for work success?  Let us know:

On a difficult day, here is a good one.

motivational quotes for office cubicle

We created our goal board to help you keep your favorite quote for success close.  The goal board is part of our home office must havesgoal board

Office Decor Quotes are a great way to have a visual motivation.  We can have your quote framed or turned into a goal board.  Contact us for a quote.

office decor quotes

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