Boat Shaped Conference Table with Grommets

Starts at: $1,395.00

Looking for a stylish and versatile boat shaped conference table? Look no further than our Boat Shaped Conference Table. If you are wondering what size will work with your room size, try out our conference room calculator.  This top-quality piece is perfect for any office, and can be customized to match your specific decor. With its sleek design and durable construction, this boat shape conference table is sure to impress your colleagues and clients alike. So why wait? Order yours today!

What is a boat shaped conference table?  

A boat shaped conference table means the center is wider than the ends.  Rather than be all the same width, this allows you to visually see all the folks at the table.  

Let’s get into why we love this particular conference table:

  • Most office finishes either lean to the gray or the tan. This table will work with either. With natural light and gray carpet, it looks dark gray. With office lighting and tans, it will be more of a dark brown.
  • This is a wilson art laminate called skyline.  That means we have several matching components like desks, credenzas, etc to match the table.  We can do a whole office or customize what you need in this finish. 
  • We get this table to you quickly.  We ship it within 5 days of when you order.  
  • We can do almost any size of table you need.  If you need a 28′ conference table with the 4 foot extension leaf, we have it!  
  • It has grommets.  Grommets are fabulous for wire management.  You can also add power to those grommets.  

This product video for the boat shaped conference table explains more details.  



6 Foot Boat Shape Conference Table 

Here is an install picture from the 6 foot boat shape conference table in gray.  This client wanted big comfy “man” chairs.  

6 foot boat shape conference table