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Rachel Hollis Memes to remind you to Girl, Wash Your Face & Girl, Stop Apologizing

Do you Love Rachel Hollis memes…WE DO TOO!!!  We love her New York Times best selling book Girl, Wash Your Face    As a working mom, the quote Never Break a Promise Yourself really hit me hard.  I was struggling to manage the household & keep up with the business.  I still struggle, but now from 5:00 – 6:30 in the morning, I focus just on the business.  My daughter is sitting next to me as I type this.  She just asked, “When is mommy time over?”  I told her “Baby, not yet.”

rachel hollis quotes

Back to the quotes, the book is getting me there without the mommy guilt!   I loved this quote so much I did a pinterest for myself.  Then, I noticed that this pin was being saved more and more.  I created a goal board for this quote.   It is something to keep at your desk to remind you to have a goal, reward, & this quote for the kick in the pants.  Celebrate your wins!  

goal boardGoal Board 

I have given Girl, Wash your Face to several folks.  I gave the book to my friend & interior designer after she had her baby.  Then, I met a gal with incredible artistic talent.  She posted the most beautiful monarch butterfly on her instagram page.  I paired her butterfly with another of my favorite Rachel Hollis memes:  “A caterpillar is awesome, but if the caterpillar stopped there–if she decided that good is good enough we would all miss out on the beautiful creature she would become.”  The day I was working on the meme two monarch butterflies were playing outside the showroom window.   

rachel hollis butterfly quote

Rachel Hollis Memes

When we say the book was a kick in the pants, we think about the meme below.  It is the blunt force to remind you that “No One Cares About Your Dreams As Much As You.”  No one will fight that fight to achieve your dreams as much as you!  So, get off your booty & get after it.  


rachel hollis meme

Did we miss your favorite Rachel Hollis quote?  Let us know.  We can price any of the memes into downloadable file, framed, goal board, paired with a watercolor, etc.  You can e-mail me at

And, great news, Rachel’s follow-up book is out.  Wahoo!!  You need to order it. More great tidbits and motivation on achieving your goals.   Girl, Stop Apologizing  Here is our favorite Rachel Hollis goal quote from the latest book.  

rachel hollis goal quotes


Looking for more motivational quotes for work success?  Here are the quotes we like from Oprah, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, & Michelle Obama, & of course Rachel is in the mix.  

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