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Cubicle Installation

As a nationwide seller of office cubicles, we have learned a few things about cubicle installation.  Office cubicles can be tricky to install.  If you have more questions about cubicles, we explain more about cubicle sizes and panel widths on this link.  Whether the brand of cubicles you have are Herman Miller-Knoll, Steelcase, Haworth, Allsteel, Hon, Teknion, AIS, Friant, Open Plan, Global, Kimball, or something else, each cubicle manufacturer has their own unique features.  That is why we recommend hiring professional cubicle movers for cubicle installation.  

We always make sure installers or cubicle movers have a lay-out of how the cubicles will fit in to the space.  This helps visualize the product in the space.   Last year, we added to our process and send a big 20″ x 30″ lay-out, so the crew is working with a larger plan on our jobs.  The larger plan is so much easier to read than a small plan.  This eliminates mistakes due to misreading panel sizes due to a tiny font.  It costs about $5 to have a big plan printed at FedEx and another $5 to mail to the installers.  Worth every cent!  We love this quote in terms of planning your cubicle installation:

It is better to prepare than to repair. ~  John Maxwell Leadership Author

Cubicle Lay-out

Below are 2 lay-outs from past projects.  These are crucial for accurate cubicle installation.


medical office design layout
4 Cubicle lay-out
cubicle layout for large room

Cubicle Installation Kansas City

Being based Kansas City, we do a lot of cubicle installation Kansas City.  We have our 2 person regular crew and then, we work with several other installers in the market depending on job size and availability.  Our installers have worked with every cubicle system.  If you need cubicles installers, e-mail at or call us at 913-701-4847.  Here is example of just one of the hundred of cubicle installs.    

6x6 54 tall office cubicles for sale
Cubicle Installation Kansas City

Cubicle Installation Portland

Because we have done several projects for office furniture in Portland, cubicle installation has been a component of these projects. This install of 7 x 7 office cubicles was one of our projects.

Cubicle Installation Portland
Cubicle Installation Portland

Cubicle Installation Houston

We have done several projects with cubicles with doors.  In this cubicle installation Houston project, we worked with a local Houston installer to install refurbished Haworth cubicles with sliding doors.  The client wanted modern and clean for their medical supply company.  


cubicle installation houston
Cubicle Installation Houston

Cubicle Installation Atlanta

We have done several projects in Georgia.  We put those projects on our blogs.  One was a project for a room dividers for a school district administration office.  

cubicle installation atlanta
Cubicle Installation Atlanta

Another Atlanta cubicle installation was for an insurance office.  These cubicles are 82″ tall with plenty of openness in the office space.  

private offices for insurance company
Cubicle Installation Georgia

Cubicle Movers Los Angeles

Our cubicle mover in Los Angeles has been wonderful!  After multiple projects, we have heard from several happy clients.  Recently, we had a client needing used call center cubicles in Los Angeles.  Our installer was able to locate something locally for that client.  Here is one install from our office cubicle installation Los Angeles.  

Cubicle Movers Los Angeles
Office Cubicle Installation Los Angeles

There are many other cities would could list…Las Vegas, San Jose, Phoenix, Denver, Omaha, Chicago, St. Louis, Louisville, etc.  If you have a need for cubicle installation, we can help!  


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