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Team Building Exercises

An efficient, effective team working as a unit is unstoppable!  We have some unique team building exercises that involve creating office décor for your office & community service projects.  Our team also worked up some would you rather questions funny to be used as ice breaker games for meetings or fun games in office on Fridays.  We also like mad libs for office meeting.  These are great 5 minute team building exercise to do at the beginning of a meeting to get the creativity flowing.

Team Building Exercises for Work

We like this book by Mr. Herman Otten with 101 team building exercises as there are videos you can pair with it.

In addition to strengthening your personal relationships, here are 3 benefits to some unique office team building idea we describe below:

  1. Work Together for a Purpose.
  2. Enable Creativity to Flow.
  3. Build dexterity in your hands.

Office Team Building Exercises

Work Together for a Purpose

Office BAM! Piece

Creating art pieces for your office is a great way to work together for a purpose.  It will be a team win for all to enjoy.  With one of our recommended team building exercises, your team will create a BAM! piece for the office.   We define a BAM! pieces as something that stops you and you say,  “BAM! that is something.”  Do you have a wall that is bare?  Ideally, this is a piece that all team members see on a daily basis. Something they can walk by and know they had a part in creating this amazing piece of art.

We partner with a local artist in choosing a piece that will work in your space.  The project is customized to your team.  Do you have a team member that struggles with control?  For this team member, they will hand off their work on the painting at a difficult time.  We will work with the strengths and lesser strengths of each team member to customize the team building exercise to fit your team’s needs.  At the end of the project, you will have a beautiful custom art piece made by your team!

We also have individual projects where everyone decorates a planter or hexagon shadow box for their desk or cubicle.  These are fun team building exercises for work to have the team do together and see the uniqueness in team members & appreciate the individuality.

Office Community Service Projects

Another of our favorite team building exercises is a community service project.  One local company, Joshua’s Pest, has made no-sew blankets for the charity we support, Share Hugs.  Share Hugs provides blankets to kids in foster care and kids in need.   The no-sew blankets can be made at the workplace.  It is a project a few of you can do over the lunch hour.  If you are interrupted, it is easy to start and stop the project.

Every quarter, Joshua’s Pest Control picks a different community service project.  We asked what they have found to be the biggest benefit:

“The biggest benefit for us is the camaraderie that comes from doing something meaningful for others as a team.  It just feels good to work for a company that gives back to locals, and we usually have a lot of fun when we get together to do community service (especially when we get to be competitive!). Our mission is “to improve the quality of life for our customers, team, and community”, and community service projects like this one give us an opportunity to ‘walk the walk’ ~  Emily, Joshua’s Pest

If you are not in the Kansas City market, this is still a team building event you can do.  You can purchase the blanket kits from your local JoAnn’s Fabric.  Many non-profit organizations can benefit from blankets.  We will work with you to find a local charity where you can drop off the blankets.  We have helped companies from coast to coast find a charity partner.

Creativity in the Workplace

You want creativity in the workplace. You want your team members looking for new ways to overcome obstacles to move your team forward.  Creative team members bring fresh ideas to problems.  Beyond the team building, an easy way to foster creativity is incorporating art & plants in your office design.  When it comes to fostering creativity in office design, plants were proven to improve the number of original ideas in a Texas A&M study.

Manual Dexterity

Manual dexterity is the ability to use your hands to manipulate objects.  Many jobs benefit from manual dexterity.  A dentist is an example of someone associated with manual dexterity skills.

Most employees need manual dexterity to type, text, drive, etc.  At Hallmark in their manufacturing operations, they begin their shifts by doing exercises like making fists and rolling wrists.  In our company décor team building exercises, we start with a few hand exercises.

In closing, office décor and team building can go together.  Contact us & we can assist you with your team building event.

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