Office Design Help

Original price was: $50.00.Current price is: $20.00.

Are you looking for office design help?  No matter where you are on the office design process, we can assist you.  We start with a quick phone chat to learn more about your project.   Pricing is for one space plan.   

How to Design an Office Space

We know how to design an office space.  Some of the questions we will ask:  Do you have measurements of the space?  If you don’t, no problem.  We will walk you through how to take field measurements.  What is your timeline?  If this is a current office, what do you like about your current office?  

Once we learn more about what you need, we will get started.  We will provide a space plan lay-out.  If you want us to quote any of the furniture or decor and you select it, the $20 design cost is refunded to you.  

Office Cubicle Ideas

We have created some resources to help you.  If you need office cubicle ideas, our standard sizes of cubicles page is a helpful resource in visualizing the sizes and heights of cubicles.  

Home Office Design 

For a home office design help, we created our must haves for a home office.

E-Design Online Design Packages

Here are some of the e-design packages we have done in the past:

  • Created a budget per item from the client’s lay-out  The price of office furniture can vary greatly by manufacturer.  We will discuss your office goals and company values to determine options that will work best with your budget. 
  • Recommended seating for a client’s project  Team members spend a large amount of time sitting in their office chair.  We can recommend office chairs that are affordable and ergonomic.  
  • Design the office lay-out based on the client’s measurements   Once we get measurements from you or taking them ourself, we can design a lay-out based on the input of your needs.  
  • Recommended finishes for a project.  Do you need assistance with selecting finishes?   Wondering which laminate won’t show finger prints, we can help.  
  • Sourced quality used office furniture to save cost   We started selling used office furniture to save our clients money and keep office furniture out of the landfill, we can quote new and used options for your project.  
  • Decommissioned existing furniture.  What do you do with your existing office furniture?  We can give you those options.  
  • Recommended office furniture assemblers and installers.   With a network of office furniture assemblers and installers, we can manage your project anywhere in the US and Canada.  

Contact us and we can chat about your project.