Office Design Help

Starts at: $50.00

Are you looking for office design help?  No matter where you are on the process, we can assist you.  We start with a quick phone chat to learn more about your project.  

How to Design an Office Space

We know how to design an office space.  Some of the questions we will ask:  Do you have measurements of the space?  What is your timeline?  If this is a current office, what do you like about your current office?  

Once we learn more about what you need, we will get started.  The rate is $50 an hour.  If you want us to quote any of the furniture or decor and you select it, the design cost is refunded to you.  

We have created some resources to help you.  If your office will need cubicles, our standard sizes of cubicles page is a helpful resource in visualizing the sizes and heights of cubicles.  

For a home office design help, we created our must haves for a home office.

E-Design Packages

Here are some of the e-design packages we have done in the past:

  • Created a budget per item from the client’s lay-out
  • Recommended seating for a client’s project
  • Designed the office lay-out based on the client’s measurements
  • Recommended finishes for a project.  
  • Sourced quality used office furniture to save cost 
  • Decommissioned existing furniture.  
  • Recommended office furniture assemblers.  

Contact us and we can chat about your project.