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Green Clean Designs can manage your workplace needs from office design to installation. We want you to have an office everyone will love that tells your story!


Workspace Office Design & Specification

We believe good planning is the best way to have a successful install.  We provide comprehensive furniture design and services with a project management approach.

Furniture Sourcing

We understand wanting to work with a company local to you. If you saw we are located in KC & thought darn, stop…we have a solution!  We have a group of nationwide dealers we trust & would recommend to our own friends & family. Contact us & we can get you to a great dealer near you.

Brokerage Buyback & Liquidation

We know that seeing good furniture end up the landfill is a painful. Do you have to remove or liquidate still useful surplus furniture? Let us save you money and be environmentally responsible by re-deploying or liquidating your furniture.

Storage & Asset Management

If you have collected surplus furniture due to reconfigurations, acquisitions, or downsizing that you want to keep for the future, we can store your assets for you.

Office Furniture Rental & Leasing

Do you have a short term need for office furniture? Is capital tight at your organization? We offer a variety of high quality office furniture to meet your style and functional requirements.

Collaboration Partners

We love collaboration.  Do you make something that might go well with our product? Or, perhaps, you would like to be able to photograph your product in our showroom or need short term warehouse space. Contact us & let’s come up with a plan.



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