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6 x 6 Office Cubicles

6×6 office cubicles are the most requested cubicle size.  This is 36 square feet of privacy!  For other popular cubicle sizes, we have standard cubicle sizes with images to help guide you.  In terms of height, a mid-height or seated privacy beats out the low wall or tall office cubicles.  The height may change as folks move away from benching stations due to Covid-19, but we expect the popularity of 6 x 6s to continue. 

Office Cubicles with Windows

We were contacted by a company in Chicago. On the 2nd floor, they wanted tall cubicles for maximum privacy. The large picture windows look out to the Great Lakes. No way those windows are getting blocked! Our Chicago partner went out to look at the space to decide the best design solution. We love what they did. These are 6×6 cubicles with windows at the top. You can see all the natural light still comes thru the space.

cubicle walls with windows
Cubicle Walls with Windows
office cubicles with windows
Office Cubicles with Windows
6x6 cubicle
6×6 Cubicle

    If you have measurements of your space, you can attach them here. If not, no worries. We can e-mail you a template to help.

    6×6 Cubicle Mid-Height

    Below are several examples of 6×6 Cubicle Layouts. Mid-Height is a cubicle height between 48″ – 56″ tall. The exact height will vary on the manufacturer. In a mid-height cubicle, you have seated privacy. That means folks can not see you when you are seated; however, you are seen when you stand-up.

    6 x 6 Office Cubicles
    Steelcase Cubicles with frosted glass
    6 x 6s Mid-Height Cubicles with Frosted Glass
    6x6 cubicle workstation
    6×6 Cubicle Workstation with 1 file cabinet

    Quick Ship 6×6 Office Cubicles

    We are seeing a strong need for quick ship 6×6 Office Cubicles. Here is a project we just quoted for a distribution center. From the time of the order, these cubicles will ship in 10 -15 business days. Shown in a 47″ tall, you could also do 65″ tall. We show the 6×6 with the 18″ glass stacker window to get to 65″ tall. The fabric is a warm grey with silver paint. You have 3 laminate choices for the cubicle work surface.

    Quick Ship 6x6 Office Cubicles
    6x6 cubicles
    6×6 cubicles
    6 x 6 office cubicles
    6 x 6 office cubicles

    Are Tall Cubicles Coming Back?

    While it is too early to know if tall cubicles are coming back, we think it is safe to safe benching is on the decline In this Wall Street article, benching and the open office receive part of the blame for the spread of Covid-19 virus among companies.

    Here is a recent rendering of tall, full height office cubicles for a software company. This company wanted some BAM! color in their cubicles. The blue is part of their brand. Two inside cubicle panels have the blue accent fabric. Lots of glass and plenty of storage. Expert tip, each storage piece adds to the cost of the cubicle. If you reduce the storage, you save $$.

    6 x 6 cubicle
    6 x 6 cubicle layout

    We always believed that tall cubicles got a bad wrap. We even created some office furniture jokes with tall cubicles as a character.

    office cubicle meme
    Tall Cubicle Humor

    6 x 6 Tall Cubicle

    Here is an example of 6 x 6 tall cubicle. This client needed to abide by HIPAA regulations. They needed maximum privacy to avoid anyone walking in the aisle to see employees computer screens. Normally a wing panel would be 24″. In this case, the wing panel is 36″.

    6x6 Tall Office Cubicles
    6 x 6 Tall Cubicle

    Another example of a 6×6 office cubicle with tall panels. This cubicle has a tall spine with a drop down panels for the side. It is loaded with storage with the overhead, shelf, and 2 file cabinets. Then, you have a marker board too!

    6x6 cubicle layout
    6×6 Cubicles with lots of storage

    6 x 6 Tall Office Cubicle with Glass

    Over the last six months, these 6 x 6 office cubicles have been our best seller. They are loaded with storage with 2 file cabinets which includes a mobile pedestal with a cushion that can doubles as a guest seat , a shelf to display your cubicle decor, and an overhead for your books and other resources. And, if you need to hide your mess quickly, the overhead with a door is your friend! These are tall, but with the glass on the sides and wing panel, they still have an light, open feel.

    6x6 tall office cubicles with glass

    Best Office Cubicle Design

    This cubicle design is another version of the 6 x 6 mid-height cubicle. It remains my favorite lay-out with the balance of privacy and collaboration. At the back of the cubicle, there is a half round table for impromptu meetings. There is one storage file cabinet and a cubicle shelf.

    Best Cubicle Layout for 6x6 Cubicles
    Best Cubicle Design

    If we can help you with your office design, please reach out. If you are more than 500 miles from Kansas City, we also have a national network of office furniture stores that have the same focus of customer service. We are happy to make a connection. 🙂

    After a dealer recommendation on the East Coast, we checked in with Neil to make sure all went well with his install. Here was his response.

    Yes, the cubicles are exactly what we needed. Mark and his team were very helpful and professional. The installation went well and we are very pleased. I would definitely feel comfortable recommending them to someone else.

    ~ Neil C.
    us map for office cubicle stores
    Office Furniture Stores US Map

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