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L Shaped Desk Ideas

Let’s talk about L shaped desk ideas. L shape desks are popular! Whether you have lots of work team members or making a home office, an L shaped desk may be what you need! We try to answer all your L shaped desk questions. We have similar guidance for the standard size of cubicles and the conference table calculator.

industrial office desk

Above is great pricing of an industrial office desk that you can order on-line.  We did some cubicles for a client in Kansas City.  She sent us this L shape desk and asked if we could beat the pricing, we couldn’t.  So, she ordered it from on-line dealer and paid for us to install it.  My installer said it was well made.  He said it was a bit tricky lining up with the machine made screw holes, but not impossible.  If you want to order it, here is our affiliate link which will pay us a small commission to keep the lights on.  

What is an L shaped desk?

An L shaped desk is named after the shape of the desk compared to the L in the alphabet. You have a desk with a typically shorter return. You can do different sizes based on the size of your space. A small L desk would be 4 foot length x 30″ depth in size with a 3 foot length x 24″ depth return. This would be a 4′ x 5.5″ footprint. Due to this small size, the best storage would be a mobile pedestal or an overhead. If you were to attach a pedestal to the desk top, it would limit your knee space.  One of the smaller L desks we have done is a 4′ x 24″ desk with a 24″ x 24″ return.  That is a small desk, but that is the size of the desk that gives the client visibility into the waiting room which is a must have.  

L Shaped Desks Dimensions

l shaped desks dimensions

In this install, our client had a must have for the L shaped desks dimensions.  They wanted a 30″ x 66″ desk with a 42″ x 24″ return for a total footprint of 72″ in depth and 66″ in width.  We did several offices with this footprint.  Also, the team members are picking out bookcases and additional file cabinets in the same finish.  Wc could also add a matching 72″ hutch to span the 42″ return and the 30″ desk.  As another positive, the desks were in stock and we installed 2 weeks from the time we ordered.  

l shape desk dimensions

The L shape desk dimensions for the above desk is a 5′ x 5′ footprint.  This office was smaller and needed a smaller L shaped desk.  This client wanted upper storage, so we went with a hutch.  The combination of closed storage and open storage was requested.  The client liked the look of the glass doors.  

Common Sizes for L Shaped Desks

Common sizes for the L shaped desk are a 5 foot or 6 foot desk in length. On the depth, you will see 30″ or 36″ deep. Then, the return will vary between 36″, 42″, or 48″ in length. The typical return depth is 24″.

L Shaped Desk Ideas

We believe the best way to share L shaped desk ideas and help you find the right L shaped desk for your office is to share pictures from our past installs.

Modern L Shaped Desk with Storage

This white L shaped desk is in a 6′ x 7′ foot print. We have a modern geometric pattern as the modesty panel in front. We echo that pattern in the artwork behind the desk. For the storage, we have a box/box/file support file cabinet. This is a support pedestal as the weight the of the return is supported by the pedestal. On the desk, we have mobile box/file cabinet. This mobile box/file has an orange cushion.

The base we use to support the desk is part of our in stock program. It will work on may different desk or table tops to give you the right size L desk for your space.


Modern L shaped desk with storage
Modern L Shaped Desk with Storage
6 foot l shaped desk
6 Foot L Shaped Desk
white L shaped desk with drawers
White L Shaped Desk with Drawers

These top examples are l shaped desks with lower storage. Sometimes, you need more storage and you have a wall for mounting. In that case, you can do an L shaped desk with upper storage. Another fun design element is the two tone mixture of laminates in this desk.

Two Tone L Shaped Desks
Two Tone L Shaped Desks

L shaped desk with standing option

If you like options this l shaped desk with standing option might just be the winner.  It can go from sitting to standing in just a few seconds.  We completely believe that if you can personalize your work space, you will be a happier employee.  You have plenty of overhead storage for binders, family photos and office plants!  There are so many benefits of plants in the office.  That overhead is screaming for an office plant.  Then, you have the dual monitor arms and the desk top power.  It is like the present of finding out your mom is taking your kids for a couple hours and feeding them too!  No one wants to be crawling around on the floor to plug into power.  

Then, let’s talk about the warm laminate.  It is somewhere between white and cream with some texture.  If you like this desk, contact us and we will get you your very own!  

l shaped desk with standing option
L Shaped Desk with Standing Option

Dark Laminate L Shaped Desks

Recently, we installed these dark laminate L shaped desks.  Each L desk has a storage file cabinet and a matching laminate modesty panel.  To fit 5 desks in the room, we had a unique foot print of 66″ x 24″ for the desk and 42″ for the return.  

modern dark walnut l shaped desks
Modern Dark Walnut L Shaped Desks

5 Foot L Shaped Desk with Storage

This 5 foot L shaped desk with storage is a 5′ x 6′ footprint. The desk is 5′ x 30″ deep with a 42″ length x 24″ deep return. When we first did the lay-out of the desk, we had a 48″ return. While that worked well for the desk, it left us with less than 3′ in front of the desk for guest seating. We have 2 support pedestals that double as file storage and weight support for the tops. This has a modern look with the plexiglass modesty panel.


5 foot L shaped desk
5 Foot L Shape Desk with Storage

L shaped desk with a Hutch

We have a few examples of L shaped desks with hutches we have installed for a medical office. The nice thing about a hutch is it can double as a divider to provide privacy.   Also, if do not need a wall and can still have extra upper storage.  Since it sits on the top of the desk top or work surface, it does cut down on the usable space by a little.

office desk with return and hutch
L Shaped Desk with a Hutch
Laminate L shape desks with hutch
L Shape Desk with Hutch

L shaped desks with hutches were the request of another client. In research for the client’s request, we quoted this line of laminate desks. We love that they were on quick ship.

l shaped desks with hutches
L shaped desks with hutches

Industrial L Shaped Desk

Since we just showed an L shaped desk with a hutch, another option for more storage would be an overhead with a tackboard or pinboard. This overhead was made using the metal cabinet of a cubicle inventory. We refaced the overhead with a live edge maple slab.


industrial L shaped desk
Industrial L Shaped Desk

Quick Ship L Shaped Desks

When quoting out office furniture, we love quick ship L shaped desks and quick ship cubicles. Several of the L shaped desks ideas are on quick ship. This desk below is another example of a quick ship L shaped desk that you can have quickly. Due to freight transit time, we need your location to determine how quick you can get it.

Quick Ship L shaped desks
Quick Ship L Shaped Desks

Home Office L Shaped Desk

This install was for a client that had just moved into his new house. He was looking for a laminate desk that would work with the wall color and carpet. After going thru options, he selected a dark walnut laminate.


l shape laminate desk
L Shape Laminate Desk

White L Shaped Desks

Sometimes, we get lucky and time an office liquidation with an install. In this install, we located Herman Miller white L shaped desks. You will notice the drop down return. The drop down return works as a storage piece. If you want more desk surface for writing or your laptop, you might bypass the drop down and go with a desk height return.


White L Shaped Desk
White L Shaped Desk

Mid Century Modern L Shape Desks

We created this mid century modern L shape desk to give some life to used cubicle overheads. We had Dawn from Trash Studio paint the overhead in classic mid century style.

mid century modern l shape desk
Mid Century Modern L Shape Desk

L Shaped Desk for Two

Perhaps, you have two folks sharing an area and need an L shaped desk for two. In this case, you want the desk to be deep enough. We recommend at least a 4 foot desk in depth. You could put an office divider in the middle of the table to provide visual privacy too.  Then, you have two returns extending from the desk.  

L shaped desk for two kansas city
L Shaped Desk for Two

In Stock L Shaped Desks

We knew at the end of 2021 we needed in stock L shaped desks.  The supply chain issues were a huge challenge.  The maple L desks are part of that in stock program.  In this install, the desk footprint is 66″ x 30″ desk and 48″ x 24″ returns.  There is a glass modesty and a mobile pedestal.  

in stock l shape desks
In Stock L Shaped Desks

D Shaped Office Desk Top

While we are on letters of the alphabet, another common letter shape for a desk top is the D top named after the letter D.  In this install of some Herman Miller Ethospace cubicles, the private office is a D top.  This is still an L shaped desk but with a d top.  

tall herman miller cubicles with glass

Hopefully, you found something in our L shaped desk ideas that will work for your office. Let us know your favorite and we will send you a quote.


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