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Used Office Furniture Overland Park KS

For clients looking for used office furniture in Overland Park or used office furniture Kansas City, we have teamed up local installers and our own warehouse in South Kansas City in Grandview, MO. Also, we are involved in local decommissions.

To see some of our current used office furniture inventory in Kansas City, you can view our drop box folder. From desks, L shaped desks, mesh back chairs, we have something for your office.

Link to our Current Inventory

Office Furniture Liquidators Overland Park, KS 

From time to time, we know of office furniture available from the job site. One project where we successfully liquidated from the job site was the cubicles for this medical office.  With some front end coordination and a flexible client, we created a win – win for all parties.   If you have a specific need, let us know. As it takes a long time to post inventory, we have TONS of inventory not listed anywhere on-line. Just because it isn’t listed, doesn’t mean we don’t have an option.

The flip side if you need to liquidate an office, we can help you there too.  Take some pictures with a rough idea of counts.  You can e-mail them to us at

Used Cubicles with Sliding Doors

Currently, we do not know of a used inventory with sliding doors; however, inventory is changing constantly. If you are interested, we can search our national network of dealers and wholesalers to see what is available in upcoming liquidations. Also, we can price new options of office cubicles with doors that can do any size.  

used large cubicles with sliding doors
Used Large Cubicles with Sliding Doors

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    Used Cubicles Overland Park

    These are used 5×5 cubicles in mid-height. They are available now, so let us know what you need! Pricing at $875 installed for 10 or more.

    used cubicles overland park
    Used 5×5 Cubicles

    5 x 5 cubicles are popular for a size where you can still get 2 work surfaces.  We created a 5 x 5 cubicle page to learn more.  

    Used Cubicles Overland Park, KS

    This is a flexible inventory of Knoll used cubicles in terms of size, height, or glass.  These are shown in mid-height.  300 available. Pricing varies on your lay-out.  

    Knoll Morrison Office Cubicles Kansas City

    Call Station Stations

    We said this inventory was flexible.  Here we show it in a call center station or small cubicle.  With tall cubicle panels and plenty of storage, the cubicle even has glass side.  

    call center stations overland park ks

    Office Desk Kansas City

    If you are looking for an office desk Kansas City, we have desks, L shaped desks, and U shaped desks.  Here is our form for an in-stock office desk.  

    Used Training Tables 

    There are 2 inventories of training tables in Overland Park.  Both are 30 x 60.  The first is Vecta tables with modesty panels & a modern style leg.  6 of these available.  

    Vecta training tables 30 x 60

    These Prismatique tables were manufactured by our neighbors to the North in Canada.  The tables folds & have aluminum legs.  12 of these are available for purchase.  

    Prismatique folding training tables 30 x 60

    Used Stacking Chairs 

    In the caves, there are 2 inventories of Keilhauer stacking chairs.  These are tan, low maintenance stacking chairs.  At least 12 of these chairs are available.  

    Keilhauer also stacking chairs with arms

    Many of these stacking chairs are available.  With new fabric, we know these chairs have the industrial modern office style popular now.  We are thinking a camel leather type of vinyl would be beautiful.  

    Used Keilhauer Also Stacking Chairs Overland Park

    Haworth Very Chairs 

    Another side chair option are these Haworth Very Chairs.  We sold them to one client that used them for conference table chairs.  

    haworth very side chairs

    The chairs are still in the box.  

    conference table and chairs set

    Steelcase Leap Office Chairs Kansas City

    The Steelcase Leap Office chair has been the best selling Steelcase chair for years.  It is a top rated ergonomic chair.  We are sold out of our used Steelcase Leaps.  We do have remanufactured Steelcase leaps.  With new fabric, arms, & a 10 year warranty, this is a great ergonomic chair option for $495 each.

    refurbished Steelcase Leaps


    Haworth Office Benching

    This Haworth office benching was available in Overland Park. It is an example of the excellent inventory available on the used office furniture market. Let us know your need and if we don’t have it, we will check our national network.

    haworth office benching
    Haworth Office Benching

    Office Furniture Overland Park KS 

    We do not just have used office furniture.  We sell new as well!  This office furniture install in Corporate Woods Overland Park is an example of the way we blend new, custom, & used office furniture to meet the design & budget needs.  

    You know you are in Corporate Woods Overland Park when you see the curved exterior wall in this office floor plan.  To take you thru our process with this client, we first met with the client before they had locked down a lease on this space.  At that first meeting we talked budget for their needs & brainstormed a few ideas of what would work for their consulting business.  

    Once they had a lease moving along for the space, the client sent us the Autocad from the leasing company.  We met again and moved from concept to quote.  Here is the office floor plan or lay-out we created after that second meeting. 

    Office floor plan

    Office Furniture for Consulting Company

    Since this was a consulting company, many of the consultants would be working in the field.  The client wanted a touch down area for client that came into the office for meetings to work on their computer.  The number of consultants coming in on any day would change.  To meet their budget, we did this with used worksurfaces and used office furniture pedestals.  The room wraps the work surfaces to maximize the number of consultants that can work temporary in this office. 

    used office furniture overland park ks

    The CEO chose an affordable U Shaped Office Desk.  The hutch of this office was placed on the side to provide more storage and not block the natural light or view from the window.  This choice allowed them to match later on and was the deciding factor compared to a used office desk.  

    office desks overland park ks

    When it came time for office cubicle selection, remanufactured, sustainable cubicles were selected.  These office cubicles are mid-height allowing for seated privacy while still allowing communication between employees.  The executives were able to select the finishes of fabric and trim. Also, if the client continues to grow, they can add-on matching cubicles.  

    office cubicles overland park ks

    To give the office some pop, lounge chairs were placed in the open office area.  

    office furniture overland park ks

    In conclusion, we would love to work with you for your new & used office furniture Overland Park KS needs!  

    Here are similar office cubicles to what we used for this Overland Park office install.  These are quick ship cubicles to make your timeline.  

    6x6 cubicles

    L Shaped Desks with Storage Kansas City

    Recently, we started an in-stock program for L shaped desks.  With the supply chain madness, we were tired of spending hours searching for desk options for our client.  We have flexible silver bases that adjust to fit many size tops.  We can bring the costs down by utilizing our used inventory of file cabinets.  Shown in a modern look with a beautiful geometric pattern modesty and white tops and white file storage, we can change the look by switching out the laminate tops.  For more L shaped desk ideas, we created this page.  

    Modern L shaped desk with storage
    L shaped desk with storage Kansas City

    If you are looking for used office furniture in Overland Park, KS or new office furniture nationwide, we have you covered.  Contact us and let us know more about your project.  Between this inventory, our Grandview – South Kansas City inventory, and our Lee’s Summit used office furniture inventory, we can put together some options. 





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