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Standard Sizes of Office Cubicles: What Office Cubicle Size is Right for your Office?

How Big Are Cubicles?  What are common cubicle dimensions?

Let’s get into the standard sizes of office cubicles.  Cubicles can be confusing!  On this page, we will focus on cubicles but we also have a conference room calculator and L shade desk ideas for the questions we receive on those topics.  Back to cubicles questions, the top manufacturers (Steelcase, Herman Miller, Knoll, Haworth, Allsteel, Hon) each have their own parts and height standards.  When you think of cubicles, the sizes are listed in feet and based on the floor print of the cubicles. Panel widths of 2′, 3′, 4′ are most common. 5′ is the widest single panel you will see. With this in mind, to make a 6′ x 6′, you would do this with (2) 3′ panels or (1) 4′ panel & (1) 2′ panel. Here is a picture to help you visualize the different sizes.  

Standard Sizes of Office Cubicles 

Standard sizes of office cubiclesOffice Cubicles Sizes

5 foot office cubicles5×5 Office Cubicles

printed cubicle art greencleandesigns.com4×2 Office Cubicles

6x6 cubicle layout6×6 Cubicle Layout 69″ tall with 56″ Side

6x6 cubicle workstation6×6 Cubicle Workstation

Office Cubicle Trends & Cubicle Dimensions

In the last few years, cubicle sizes were getting smaller and shorter.  We saw more requests for 4′ x 2′ cubicles & less 8′ x 8′ cubicles.  With the impact of Covid-19, we expect this to change with a return to larger, tall cubicles. There had been push back on the negative impact of employee productivity and office distractions with these open office environments and now the need for social distancing could be a final blow to a design that employees disliked pre-covid.  It is our job to keep up on current office design trends.  If you need a cubicles, we can help.

Office Cubicles For Sale Near Me

Hopefully, this cubicle page will help answer all your cubicle questions.  If you want a quote for cubicles, please fill out one of our contact forms.  In 2021, we did installs in 11 states.  We worked with a local installer to provide our clients the best service.  We are also members for a nationwide network of dealers.  If your project is better served by a dealer we know, we will connect you.  We believe in getting you the best service.  



Typical Cubicle Size 

If you have the space, we like mid-height office cubicles 6 feet x 6 feet (6′ x 6′) and find it the most popular cubicle size.  Mid-height cubicles give you seated privacy.   This means when you stand, you can be seen.  Think of that Whack a Mole game where the Mole can pop-up and be seen.  That is what a mid-height cubicle can do.  Or, if you need training help, you can flag down assistance with out jumping up on your work surface and acting like a monkey!  You can simply stand up & be seen.  Mid-height cubicles are 48″ – 56″ tall.  Typically, your desk surface is around 27″ – 28″ tall. A mid-tall cubicle panel or wall will add 24″ of privacy.

You can hang a shelf, but they are not tall enough for an overhead or covered bin.  Many folks have been adding our after market cubicle shelf to personalize their cubicle with a plant or other pretties. A 6 x 6 cubicle gives you space without too much space.  

6×6 Mid Height Cubicles

This office design had 6 x 6 cubicles in mid-height.  You can see the cubicle height still allows for the natural light.  The lay-out was created with that natural light in mind with the windows.  

6 x 6 cubicle sizes
6 x 6 mid height office cubicles

“We love when our clients have natural light in their office space. Our goal is to not block the windows and share the natural light with all team members. Panels at mid-height are wonderful for privacy and sharing natural light.”

From the Designer – Mid-Height Cubicles and Windows

How Much Are Office Cubicles

Of course, when you are thinking about cubicles, you want to know the price. We know the “it depends” answer isn’t well liked, but oh so true. The number of cubicle panels or walls that you have increases the cubicle costs. For instance, cubicles that share a spine wall or back to back require less panels than a row of cubicles. Also, if you need more storage pieces like office file cabinets and overheads, that raises the cost. We love glass…it does raise the price of your cubicle.

To give you a range, used full size of 6 x 6 cubicles and larger would start at $800. New, the cubicles would start over $1,100. The office furniture stores we work with blend used and new to provide great design and value.

Cubicles for HIPAA

In this install of 6 x 6 cubicles, the panels are tall at 69″. These cubicles are unique in we have a 36″ wing panel due to HIPPA regulations. The client wanted maximum privacy. The location of the computers on the work surfaces were a consideration. Patients walk in the aisle to the bathroom. The client wanted to make sure the computers could not be seen from the aisle.

office cubicles for privacy
Cubicles Designed for HIPAA guidelines

“This is the first time we used 3′ wing panels. The client was focused on maximum privacy and budget friendly. These used cubicles were the right fit!”

From the Designer – Cubicles for HIPAA

Best Cubicle Layout

The install of these cubicles was done over 10 years ago. The client still loves them and we do too. It is a balance of individual privacy and collaboration. The footprint is another example of 6 x 6 with mid-height cubicles at 56″ tall. This is a tiled system. You can see the various tiles. We like this from a design perspective of bringing in color. We have done this cubicle footprint for a manufacturing company in modern industrial finishes using reclaimed wood tiles,   Herman Miller ethospace cubicles and shared half round table.

Best Cubicle Layout
Best Cubicle Layout

Here is the same basic layout with more updated finish choices.

cubicle layout ideas
Collaboration cubicles

Standard Cubicle Wall Heights 

This install picture shows the difference in a standard cubicle height.  The workstation system is Allsteel Concensys, so the height matches up to their standards.  The tall spine is 69″ tall.  Then, the mid-height is 56″ tall.  The short panels are 42″ tall.  The standard for work surface or desk tops are 24″ deep & 29″ tall.  

Cubicle Panel Heights Kansas City
Standard Cubicle Wall Heights

Short Cubicles –  The height is 39″ – 42″.   This is an open office.  You will be able to see each other & point out when your co-worker has something in their teeth.   

Mid-Height Cubicles –  These are 48″ – 56″.   Seated privacy & you can do a shelf for vertical storage.    When you stand up, you will be seen.  

Tall Cubicles –   These are 62″ – 70″.  You can hang an overhead for additional storage.

Very Tall or High Cubicles – Becoming more common at 80″+.  

One office team that does like the open office said they found that with tall panels folks talk in their normal voices.  The shorter panels did bring out more library voices in the work area.  The flip side is that if you are going with the open office to encourage collaboration, folks will talk less and instant message more.  

cubicle height options
Cubicle Height Options

The above picture is a common way cubicle height options are mixed in the office design. The tall cubicle panels are tall for privacy among the team members working across from each other. The side panels are mid-height allowing for conversation among team members working side by side. On the aisle walk way, tall panels were installed to help team members avoid distraction of the aisle traffic. Low height panels are against the window wall to not block the natural sunlight in the space.

5×5 Cubicles 

The other thing to consider is how much work surface do you need.  For example a 5 x 5 cubicle is tricky.  5 x 5 is the smallest cubicle size to have a corner work surface or do an L with your desk tops. It is pretty tight with the standard 24″ deep work surface. You can design it 3 ways depending on the amount of chair & worksurface space you want.  

5 x 5 cubicle lay-out
5’x5′ Office Cubicles

4×3 Cubicles 

We completed a project with 4′ x 3′ cubicles.  We noticed in our standard cubicle size examples we didn’t show this size.  Here is an example of a 4′ x 3′ cubicle at 56″ tall.  This company elected to have no storage.  Perhaps, they have lockers or another area for personal items like purses, keys, & coats.  That is one thing to keep in mind.  While we are selling less and less office files, employee do want a place to lock their personal items.  

4 x 3 cubicles

6×5 Cubicles 

Recently, we installed 6′ x 5′ cubicles.  This means the spine wall was 6′ across the back & 5′ on the side.  This Herman Miller ethospace cubicle is maximized with storage.  The client needed 2 overhead file bins and 1 mobile pedestal with a seat cushion for plenty of storage for files and notebooks.  The cubicles are 65″ tall for privacy with a wing panel.  We did glass on the wings to open them for natural light.  

6 x 5 office cubicles
6 x 5 Office Cubicles with Tall Panels

Dogbone Cubicles 3 Person Cubicles

Dogbone cubicles are an increasing popular cubicle set-up.  They are sometimes called 3 person cubicles or 120 degree cubicles.  The set-up here is 8′ in length by 9′ in depth.  The 5′ of surface may not allow for a full size pedestal for storage.  You may need to go with a skinny pedestal, which is a narrower pedestal.  

dogbone cubicles
Dog Bone Cubicles or 120 degree cubicles

6×8 Office Cubicles

This inventory of tall used cubicles is very flexible.  It has many panels to make a number of cubicle sizes.  Originally, 6x8s, you can easily do 6x6s, 6x4s, 3x4s, 3x2s, & 5x5s.  For storage there is one overhead and a mobile pedestal and a 2 drawer lateral.  For a smaller cubicle than the 6×8, the 2 drawer lateral will not allow for enough knee space.  In this install for a medical office, these cubicles were made into 6x6s office cubicles.  

6x8 tall cubicles
6 x 8 office cubicles

7×7 Cubicles

In this client install of 7 x 7 office cubicles, we went with grey office cubicles on a quickship program.  These new cubicles at 53″ tall are an import product.  You can go with different affordable laminate tops to change the look.  Shown in a modern walnut top.

Budget Office Cubicles Kansas City greencleandesigns
7 x 7 Cubicles

8 x 6 Office Cubicles

8 x 6 office cubicles
8 x 6 Office Cubicles

The picture above is an example of 8 x 6 office cubicles. The cubicles have a tall cubicle panels on the back spine. For the shared wall in between, the cubicles are separated by mid height panels. The cubicles are loaded with storage of overhead bins with doors, box/box/file pedestal and a 2 drawer lateral.

Forward facing office cubicles

This cubicle design stood out as unique. No windows along the wall were blocked. If you want a forward facing cubicle design, this is an option. This could be very important for an accountant or medical company that does not want anyone to see their computer.

forward facing cubicle designs

What cubicle size do I need?  

  • Lease cost is a big one.  We have helped many a New York company needing to get as many as folks into the space as possible.  
  • What is the function of the person working the cubicle?  Does this person need lots of space to spread out?  Will they be looking at plans?  Typically, engineers need deeper work surfaces than the typical 24″.  They prefer 30″ for the big plans they spread out on their work surface.  
  • Are employees in their cubicles most of the day?  Some jobs have folks coming in and out of the office from appointments, a bigger cubicle might not be necessary.  The term “touchdown cubicles” comes from this concept.  Employees touchdown in the cubicle, but do not stay the entire day. 
  • What about the 6′ safe distance post covid world? Many companies are going with bigger cubicles for the office and more folks working at home.

Best Cubicles 

What are the best cubicles?  There are several good manufacturers out there.  Whether it be Herman Miller, Steelcase, Haworth, Knoll, Kimball, Allsteel, Friant, AIS, Open Plan, Teknion, the structure of the cubicles are made from metal and fabric.  They will hold up well.  The manufacturers are using the same fabric mills, which is commercial grade fabric.  Commercial grade fabric is tested to last & cleans well. Due to the quality fabric, cubicles look near new with quality cubicle cleaning. Each manufacturer has ways to incorporate glass in the cubicle design.  

Glass Office Cubicles 

Glass is extremely popular in office cubicles.  We recommend glass & natural light to all our clients.  (We also recommend plants & wrote a whole article on the best cubicle plants.) 
No matter the cubicle size needed, glass office cubicles are popular and can be included in any cubicle lay-out. Frameless glass is a popular option for the modern office.  In the example below of AIS Divi, you can see the mid-height cubicle with glass on the side panels.  

cubicles with frameless glass
Cubicles with Frameless Glass

Here is another cubicle with lots of glass (cubicles with windows). Glass stackers on refurbished Steelcase cubicles are another way to get an open office feel and easy to clean in a post covid office.

refurbished steelcase cubicles
Refurbished Steelcase Cubicles with Glass Stackers

White Office Cubicles

White and bright are popular are another popular trend! Recently, we has a client ask for modern and white. These white office cubicles are just the same. The client came up with this design after trying several different floor plans. If you look closely, you will see a 2 foot open space between the side panel and the spine wall with the overhead. Glass may be added here in the new post covid office. The cubicles have several upgrades including the accent red and the glass front overhead.

white office cubicles
White Office Cubicles

Here is another example of a bright white modern office cubicles. These cubicles are bigger with white shelf for storage. These cubicles have a residential feel with the white bookcases.

modern office cubicles
Modern Office Cubicles

How thick are cubicle walls?

Cubicle walls vary in thickness. Most cubicle walls are between 2″ – 3.5″ thick. Here are Herman Miller Ethospace panels. They are over 3″ thick.

tall herman miller cubicles with glass

As a contrast, cubicle systems like Herman Miller Ao2, Haworth Unigroup, Steelcase Avenir, Allsteel Concensys are thinner at 2″.

attached to wall dividers for a built in desk

Typically, the cubicle panel or wall thickness does not have a huge impact in cubicle selection. At one point, folks thought you needed a thicker panel for network cables. Manufacturers made thicker panels with that need in mind. In reality, network cables will fit in a 2″ panel. We have seen wall thickness come into play when designing a call center where the goal was to fit as many cubicles as possible. Due to smaller cubicles, the panel thickness was the difference in a couple of cubicles in the floor plan.

Cubicle with Doors

One of the trends we have been following the last few years is cubicles with doors. The cubicles are tall and have the benefit of privacy among an open design. The advantage of cubicle panels is no construction mess. Also, you can used glass and plexiglass to provide visibility.

One of clients loved these cubicles with doors. The installs is one of our favorites.

office cubicles with doors
82″ tall Office Cubicles with Doors










A few years ago, we worked with this client on a very cool modern L shaped reception desk. We loved getting the call to design cubicles for their loft area. Privacy was a big focus. They wanted a private office with a door. The plexiglass allows team members to still see the office action.

From the Designer – Tall Cubicles with Doors

In this install, the client had a quote for new cubicles. We priced out used Herman Miller ethospace cubicles with new sliding doors. We were able to save them 20% and won the job.

cubicles with sliding doors
Cubicles with Sliding Doors

These cubicles were for Human Resources Personnel. Privacy when you need it for sensitive conversations is crucial. The sliding door is a perfect solution!

From the Designer – Cubicles with Sliding Doors for HR

Similar to the above example are some Steelcase cubicles with sliding doors. They are very tall. The top tile is glass vs. fabric to keep that open feel.

steelcase cubicle walls with doors
Steelcase Cubicle Walls with Doors

Another example of full size cubicles with doors is this job we just quoted. The client wanted more acrylic from the floor to 82″ tall. The doors are metal. You could also do laminate or fabric vs. the acrylic for the tiles. This is another example of modern cubicles with doors.

full height cubicles with doors
Full Size Cubicles with Doors

High Wall Cubicles

We are still early in the trends in the office in a covid world. Taller cubicles are one of the early winners. These high wall cubicles are 82″ tall. They are half glass or cubicles with windows for an open feel. The bottom half can be either laminate or fabric. While shown in a smaller size, you can do any cubicle size to fit your office needs.

high wall small cubicles
High Wall Small Cubicles

How to Measure an Office for Cubicles

An office lay-out is needed to accurately price out cubicles. In some cases, your building may have an autocad of the office space. If so, get this from them. This can be used to draw in the cubicles, desks, etc. If an autocad is not available, you need to know how to measure an office for cubicles. You will want to measure the perimeter of the office. From there, measure the area where you want the cubicles. Also, indicate how many cubicles you need for that space. You will want to indicate existing doors, electrical, windows, columns, etc. The below picture is a template. If you want us to e-mail this template in letter size, you can contact me at In your e-mail, let me know you need a cubicle field measurement template.

how to measure an office for cubicles
How to Measure Office for Cubicles

After we get field measurements or an autocad, we like to start with a block drawing of the cubicles. This is something we send for feedback to make sure we are on the same page. After getting your feedback, we create a more detailed lay-out with a 3D drawing of the space and cubicles.

cubicle block drawing example
Cubicle Block Drawing Example

Want an office furniture lay-out?  

We will do an office lay-out with 2 revisions for free. We are located in Kansas City & service nationwide. In 2021, we did projects in 11 stations:  Missouri, Kansas, Oregon, Indiana, Georgia, California, New Mexico, Arizona, Alabama, Nevada, & Kentucky.  We offer a high level of service by working with a local installer to you to receive, deliver, and install the product.  If you prefer to work with a local dealer, we can connect you with one of an office dealer or store to you with the same customer service focus as us.


us map for office chair stores

You can contact us with your location & any other details about your project or to ask any cubicle questions we missed: 

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