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Standard Sizes of Office Cubicles: What Office Cubicle Size is Right for your Office?

How Big Are Cubicles?  What are common cubicle dimensions?

Let’s get into the standard sizes of office cubicles.  Cubicles can be confusing!  On this page, we will focus on cubicles but we also have a conference room calculator and L shape desk ideas for the questions we receive on those topics.  Back to cubicles questions, the top manufacturers (Steelcase, Herman Miller, Knoll, Haworth, Allsteel, Hon) each have their own parts and height standards.  When you think of cubicles, the sizes are listed in feet and based on the floor print of the cubicles. Panel widths of 2′, 3′, 4′ are most common. 5′ is the widest single panel you will see. With this in mind, to make a 6′ x 6′, you would do this with (2) 3′ panels or (1) 4′ panel & (1) 2′ panel. Here is a picture to help you visualize the different sizes.  

Standard Sizes of Office Cubicles 

Standard sizes of office cubicles

In the last few years, cubicle sizes were getting smaller and shorter.  We saw more requests for 4′ x 2′ cubicles & less 8′ x 8′ cubicles.  Post Covid-19, we still see it all.  Small open benching cubicles to large cubicles with doors,  there is no clear solution.  There had been push back on the negative impact of employee productivity and office distractions with these open office environments.  However, if folks are not in the office full time, how big of a cubicle do they really need?  We did a project where the cubicles were removed and the team member working full time in the office got a cubicle with a door.  The folks that come in part time have small cubicles off that private office cubicle.    

Private Office Cubicle for Accounting Office
Private Office Cubicle with Touch Down Stations

Typical Cubicle Size

We still believe 6 x 6 cubicles in mid-height are the most popular cubicle size. Mid-height cubicles give you seated privacy. This means when you stand you can be seen. Think of the game Whack A Mole where the mole pops up out of the hole. That is similar to the mid-height cubicles. For a team that provides customer service, they allow you to flag help down. We had a call center go with 69″ tall cubicles. They later changed the height as team members needed to be seen when they needed assistance on a call. This office for consultants has 6 x 6 office cubicles 48″ tall. The mid-height also allows the natural light from the windows which is another big positive.

office cubicles overland park ks
6 x 6 office cubicles mid height

We love when our clients have natural light in their space.  Our goal is to design the office to take advantage of the natural light for all team members to enjoy.  ~  From the Designer

We have created more detailed pages on various popular cubicle dimensions.  Here are those cubicle sizes:

6 x 6 Office Cubicles 

6 x 5 Office Cubicles 

5 x 5 Office Cubicles  

These are the smallest size cubicle where you can still do an L shape desk with 2 straight surfaces.  In the picture below, you can see 3 options in desk set-up for the 5×5 cubicles.  

5 x 5 cubicle lay-out

5 x 3 Office Cubicles 

7 x 7 Office Cubicles  


Office Cubicles For Sale Near Me

Hopefully, this cubicle page will answer all your cubicle questions.  If you want a quote for cubicles, please fill out the Design Your Cubicles survey.   We have done office cubicle installations all over the US.  Last year, we did office furniture projects in 11 states.  We did this by teaming up with a local installer in the market to receive, deliver, and install the cubicles.  Other times where we knew there was a wonderful local dealer we connected folks to each other.  We want you to get the best service.  

Cubicle Wall Thickness

Cubicle wall thickness is another thing that varies by manufacturer.  Most cubicles wall are 2″ to 3.5″ thick.  When you are trying to get as many cubicles in a space as possible, you will want a 2″ thick cubicle wall.  There are plenty of cubicle systems between 2″  – 2.5″ thick.  At one point, the thought was with IT and power cabling, the cubicle wall needed to be thicker to accommodate those cable.  Manufacturers came out with thicker panels.  Herman Miller Ethospace and Steelcase Answer are two systems with thicker cubicle walls.  


Cubicle Wall Thickness comparing 2.5" to 3.5" inches.
Cubicle Wall Thickness

How much are office cubicles?  

So, how much are office cubicles?   I dread typing this answer but it varies!  The big variables are the number of shared panel wall.  For instance, are the cubicles back to back or in a row?  If they are in a row, that will cost more than if they are back to back and sharing panel walls.  Another variable is how much storage you need.  If you need 2 file cabinets underneath the desk top, that will add to the cost too.  We love glass for allowing natural light.  Glass does add to the cost.  In this recent install, the cubicles are 8′ x 6′.  They have lots of storage in a 2 drawer lateral file and a box/box/file pedestal.  The cubicles are all in a row.  And, there is a lot of plexiglass!  It is exactly what this accounting firm client needed; however, the additional storage, panels, and glass added to the cost.  


large open 6 x 8 cubicles
6′ x 8′ Office Cubicles with Glass

Office Cubicle Height

We love this install for showing office cubicle height and how it impacts cubicle privacy.  You can see the tall panel in the spine.  Those are 69″ tall.  Then, you drop down to the panel with glass.  That panel is 56″ tall.  The shortest panel is 42″ tall.  The work surface or desk top is 24″ in depth.  The standard height of the desk tops in the cubicles are 28″ – 29″ tall.  

Cubicle Panel Heights Kansas City
Office Cubicle Height
cubicle height options
Example of Cubicle with 2 Different Heights

Short Office Cubicles ~  We consider short cubicles to be 30″ to 42″ tall from the floor.  When sitting at this cubicle, you can be seen.  These are open cubicles with little visual privacy unless you add desk dividers.  

Mid-Height Cubicles ~  The office cubicle height for mid-height are between 43″ – 56″ tall from the floor.  These cubicles provide visual privacy when seated.  When you stand, you can be seen.   

Tall Cubicle Walls  ~ The height for tall cubicles is 57″ – 70″.  These cubicles provide lots of visual privacy.  You can hang upper storage overheads from the cubicle panels.  

8′ Tall Cubicle Walls

Since taller cubicles with more cubicle wall height are becoming more popular.   Let’s look at some examples of private office cubicles with doors.  Here is an example of cubicle panels from 82″ – 107″ tall.  

8' tall glass private office
8′ tall cubicles walls
85" Tall Cubicles
85″ Tall Cubicles

Glass Office Cubicles

Now, that you know more about cubicles, let’s get to the design favorites!  Cubicles with glass are extremely popular.  You can do frameless glass, framed glass, frosted glass, or all glass.  Glass, natural light, and plants are all on our office must haves!  


frosted glass cubicles
Cubicles with Frosted Glass
6x6 cubicles
Cubicle with Framed Glass
cubicles with frameless glass
Cubicles with Frameless Glass

Large 8×10 Cubicles

Since covid, we are seeing more and more requests for larger cubicles.  Here are 8×10 cubicles for a manufacturing operation.  Not only are the cubicles roomy, they also moved away from grey and beige in the fabric choice.  We love the bold blue cubicles.  

8x10 cubicles in blue fabric and light tone trim.
8×10 Cubicles

Hopefully, we answered all your office cubicle questions.  If you have a cubicle project you would like to discuss, please contact us to get a cubicle quote!  

    If you have measurements of your space, you can attach them here. If not, no worries. We can e-mail you a template to help.

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