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Steelcase Answer Office Cubicles

Steelcase Answer cubicles are designed with flexibility built in and designed to compete with Herman Miller Ethospace.  For all your cubicle questions and overview, we created this page.  On this page, we will focus on Steelcase Answer.   Answer workstations are easy to install, expand, shrink, and reconfigure, allowing them to adapt to your changing workplace needs.  These customizable cubes are practical and flexible, which has helped Steelcase Answer become one of the best selling office cubicle systems on the market today!

Steelcase Cubicles with frosted glass

Steelcase Answer’s panels start with a 2-3/4” thick steel frame, built with independent horizontal and vertical rails, and have skins applied to each side.  This type of construction allows for maximum flexibility in planning panel runs and changing panel sizes.   The panels are offered in heights ranging from 30”-78” high and can stack up to 90” high, and widths ranging from 18”-72”.  Panel frames that are 72” wide, which are only offered by select panel systems, can contribute greatly to cost savings.  

Additionally, Answer gives customers three options for changing panel privacy levels:

  • New vertical structural junctions
  • Structural stack-on panels
  • Screens

Glass is one of the most popular cubicle features. Whether it be a glass stack-on in the picture above with the frosted glass or frameless glass below, glass is a must have in the modern office.

steelcase workstations
Steelcase Answer Cubicles with Monolithic Panels and Frameless Glass

Answer’s panels can be monolithic or segmented, or a combination of both.  The skins, or tiles, are independent of each other and can be removed and/or repositioned without any tools.  Some of the options for the skins for the panels and stack-ons include fabric, glass, wood, paint, and markerboards.

steelcase answer cubicles with frameless glass
Steelcase Answer Cubicles with Monolithic and Segmented Tiles
Steelcase Answer Furniture

Steelcase Cubicles with Sliding Doors

In this install, monolithic panels are 66″ tall. 12″ glass and fabric stackers were used to get to 78″ tall. The client wanted sliding doors to increase the privacy. You could do as high at 90″ in Steelcase Answer.

high wall office cubicles with doors
High Steelcase Cubicles with Doors
steelcase cubicles with sliding doors
Steelcase Cubicles with Sliding Doors

Steelcase Answer cubicles have the capability of running cabling under the top cap, in the base, and every 12” vertically within the frame, as shown below.   This protects the cables from hang on components like cantilevers, which support the worksurfaces, and overhead bins.  You can easily add or move power around within the panels as your needs change.  You can also lay in new cabling under the top cap for quick add-ons.

Steelcase Cubicles with Seated Privacy

In this install of Steelcase cubicles with seated privacy, we started with a couple of different options for the client. Once we got the right lay-out, they wanted something quickly and with seated privacy. Seated privacy means you have visual privacy when you are sitting down. When you stand up, you can see your co-workers and they can see you. In this Wall Street Journal article, you can read how companies are moving from open office to the cubicles with seated privacy.

steelcase cubicles 6' x 9' seated privacy
Steelcase Cubicles with Seated Privacy

To see the first lay-out and more install pictures, we created this video. 

Tall Steelcase Cubicles

This install of tall Steelcase Cubicles is refurbished Steelcase Avenir.  It is 80″ tall.  We have a combo of panels with all fabric and half fabric and glass.  We wall started the panels on the wall.  The cubicles have a corner desk tops and minimum file storage.   

tall steelcase cubicles
Tall Steelcase Cubicles

Steelcase Answer Workstations

These Steelcase Answer workstations were refurbished for a large university.  The fabric is Burch Century Oro with a sand paint finish.  The cubicles are tall and have an overhead and pedestal in each cubicle.  

steelcase answer workstations
Steelcase Answer Workstations

Steelcase Answer Panels

In this install of Steelcase Answer panels, the client is a warehouse logistics team.  We have 2 file cabinets per cubicle.  The cubicle panels are 42″ tall.  

steelcase answer panels

Steelcase Answer Power

steelcase answer cubicles cable channels
Steelcase Answer Cubicles Cable Channels

One of the things we like with Steelcase Answer is the belt line power. You don’t have to worry about plumber crack when plugging in your electronic device.

steelcase answer cubicles with belt line power
Cubicle with Belt Line Power

Speaking of power, you will need it for your cubicle. Your cubicle install will need to be coordinated with your electrician and network IT folks. Here is the Steelcase Answer electrical configuration.

steelcase answer cubicles wiring configuration
Steelcase Answer Electrical Configuration

Steelcase designs products that encourage efficiency and productivity within the workspace, while creating an environment that inspires.  Answer cubicles not only look attractive, but are extremely user friendly, functional and built to last.   If you are interested in a quote for remanufactured Steelcase Answer cubicles, please contact us.

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