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Benefits of Plants in the Office

 The countless benefits of plants in the office have made them one of the common objects used for beautifying the office.  The office is an important aspect in the life of every employee. As a matter of fact, it is their second home after their residential apartments & homes. Making the workplace look interesting and exceptional is what most people don’t joke with.  And adorning your office with desk plants and cubicle plants is definitely one of the ways of making your desk interesting.

Outside the beautification of your work desk, desk plants can also boost your morale at work as greenery plants indicate strength and freshness. Furthermore, it also has several health benefits.

Here are our top 5 reasons you need desk pants in your workplace.

Makes the Office More Comfortable

One of the reasons why you need desk plants on your desk space in the office is because it makes the entire office more comfortable. You don’t need a soothsayer to know that people are more productive in a comfortable environment.

Ordinarily, the best humidity for human health and comfort is between 30 and 60 Percent. Unfortunately, most people fall short of this. As a matter of fact, during summer and winter months, this gets worst.

Furthermore, when the internal humidity is low, discomfort, fatigue and lack of productivity are obviously inevitable. However, when desk plants are added to desks within the workspace, this interior humidity will increase significantly. Thus the need for every organization to take the concept of Desk plants/Cubicle plants seriously.

Reduce Stress

Series of scientific researches show that desk plants can help to reduce stress in the workplace. In other words, employees in offices where there are no desk plants or cubicle plants are more prone to stress than those working in desk plants decorated offices. Furthermore, people working in an environment with desk plants are more likely to recover from stress quickly.

Makes You More Connected To Your Work Place Environment

The practice of having your desk decorated with desk plants definitely makes people more connected to the environment in which they work. Biophilic design of bringing the environment into the work place is encouraged more and more.  There is nothing as inspiring in the work environment than seeing beautiful plants beside you whenever you are executing a task.  

This will definitely remind you of the importance of life and boost your green lifestyle in the long run. With this, you will be more eco-friendly and keep the environment on your mind generally.

Conference Room Plants

One place in the office we like to see plants is in the conference room.  You can even go as far as having an artificial greenery wall or large moss tile.  Here is a conference room mural made of artificial plants.   It is so real you have to touch it to realize it isn’t, so you achieve many of the psychological benefits of plants in the office.  Also, low maintenance with just some dusting.  These will do well indoor or outdoor and have a 5 year warranty.  

artificial greenery wall for conference room

Improve Air Quality

Another good reason why there should be desk plants in every office is that it helps to improve air quality. A study by NASA led by Dr. Bill Wolverton indicates that when desk plants are used to beautify the office, the air around the office will be cleaned and more importantly your health condition will be improved.  As a general rule, plants with large leaves do a better job at toxin removal.  We dig more into best indoor plants that clean the air and remove toxins.  

Peace Lily Air Purification Plant

With leave size in mind, the peace lily is a common choice.  A beautiful plant that removes formaldehyde – the chemical toxin found in office buildings and homes.

Peace Lily Air Purification Plant

Corn Plant Air Purification Plant

Another high ranking air purification plant is the Corn Plant.  The corn plant also made the list for considered a safer choice around small children.  

corn plant air purification

Increase Productivity

When you consciously care for the beautiful green plants on your table, you will be more relaxed, focus and more importantly, your productivity level will definitely increase. There is always a connection between having a plant on your desk or cubicle and be more focus and productivity.

Series of research studies have revealed that people are generally more productive and mindful of their jobs when they have a desk plant that they treasure by their side.

You see! From increasing productivity to stress management and more connection to the work environment, the benefits of plants in the office can never be overemphasized.

How to Add Desk Plants to the Office Environment to Boost Productivity and Focus level of Employees

Every working-class adult has two homes, his residential and of course work environment. Most times, these environments can either decrease or increase their productivity level. This is why the workplace should always be very conducive, natural and accommodating.

You don’t just add desk plants to your office environment, below are some of the tips on how to add desk plants to the office environment for optimal employees’ performance.

Allow Employees to Suggest Office & Cubicle Plants

One of the ways to add desk plants in an office space is to ask for employees input, especially those using the space to be occupied by plants.

This will definitely give them a sense of ownership and belonging. As a result, they will be passionate about such a plant and connected with it. This will definitely, increase the productivity of such employees in the long run.

Arrangement of the plants should be natural

As a rule of desk plants beautification of the office, never flood the office with excess plants. Rather, be natural in your arrangement. Randomly place them on the desk in cubicle partition.

However, if you don’t have the skill of arranging desk plants/cubicle plants to look natural, you can hire the service of a consultant and we are happy to assist.  

One tip that in terms of air purification, you need a plant for ever 100 square feet of space.  That would mean at least 1 plant to every 10 x 10 room.  

In terms of cubicle accessories, this cubicle planter fits on top of the cubicle.  You can use a combination of faux and real plants depending on the employees that want to actively participate.  If you are wanting a live plant for your cubicle, here are the best cubicle plants that you can’t kill & will give air quality a boost.  We developed our indoor office planter to work in a cubicle or a desk.  For an employee wanting less active plant engagement, the low maintenance preserved moss painting make work.  

Consider Tastes and Preferences

You should also consider the tastes and preferences of the plants your employees may need. Once you have this information, you will be able to randomly place these desk plants on table or cubicle according to tastes and preferences of the space.

For instance, some people may be passionate about plants with small leaves while others are may have allergic reactions to it. Therefore, consider this area very well; otherwise, your desk plants beautification effort may be counterproductive.

Artificial Plant Panels

What if you don’t have the time or energy for a plants?  Well, there is a solution for that too.  You can still achieve many of the benefits of plants with artificial plants.  We love these incredibly real looking artificial plant panels.   Interested in artificial plant panels, contact us at  call or text 913-701-4847. 

artificial plant panels

In closing, there are many benefits of plants in the office.  This is why an office plant was included in our home office must haves. Want to visualize plants in the office?  Here are 8 popular office plants.  Which is your favorite?

plants in the office

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