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Clever Cubicle Etiquette Signs to add Humor to your Work Life!

Looking for ways to display cubicle etiquette rules or office kitchen etiquette signs?  How do you let folks know the rules of the office with humor, and not in a nagging, negative way.  We created these signs for you.  

Cubicle Signs

cubicle name sign

When it comes to cubicle signs, you may be looking for something with your name.  We like this cubicle name sign.  You can attach it to your cubicle with the mounting clips.  Also, there is a link to an easy to use template to print out your name.  The sign is 8.75″ x 4″.  

You might also enjoy our office pet peeves post including the 5 most annoying e-mail pet peeves!    We also have office cubicle decoration ideas to go from boring BAM! featuring our best selling cubicle shelves.  

Cubicle Etiquette 

Getting everyone on the same page in the office isn’t always easy.  We developed these cubicle etiquette signs to help.  Whether you have a loud talker or constant borrower, we use humorous to help solve these problems. 

Cubicle Do Not Disturb Signs

With all the other office distraction, there are times you need to focus.  Here is a sign for outside your cubicles.  You could do lots of variations “I am working for my second home.”  “I am working for the kids college education.”  

cubicle do not disturb signs

We have a variation of this downloadable do not disturb office sign available to purchase.  

do not disturb sign for office
Unmedicated manager enter at your own risk sign

Another funny do not disturb cubicle sign.  

funny do not disturb cubicle sign

Funny Quiet Signs

Do you have a loud talker in the office?  That person that you always know their location as you can hear them from every corner of the office.  While this may be helpful if you don’t remember which conference room you are meeting.  You can just wait for the person to laugh or say something & head to that room.  I am this person.  Loud & I don’t mean to be.  Here is a sign for loud talker.  

funny quiet signs

Tired of the coworker that does the 5 finger shuffle & forgets to return your items.  We have you covered.  

cubicle etiquette humor

Oh, big sigh when I think about cleaning the office kitchen etiquette.  In fact, one of our Would You Rather Questions Funny for the Office involves a choice of cleaning the office kitchen & something else.  We believe a team that Laughs Together Stays Together.

Funny Clean Up after Yourself Signs

This sign is for all you kitchen cleaners. I am sending you a virtual hug!  The inspiration for this sign came after talking to a bar owner.  She said that she has a sign in the men’s restroom, “Remember the same hands that clean this restroom mix your drinks.”  You could do a variation depending on your role in the company with “Don’t even thing of leaving this kitchen a mess.  The same hands sign your bonus check.”  

This first office kitchen sign is available for digital download.  

  • funny clean up after yourself signs
    Starts at: $6.95
funny clean up after yourself signs
keep office kitchen clean signs

This fairy sign is our best selling signs for office kitchen clean-up.  

  • office kitchen etiquette sign funny
    Starts at: $6.95

clean up after yourself signs

Funny Promotion Quotes 

Adding to our funny office quotes, we have this funny for promotions.

funny promotion quotes

Conference Call Meme

Who hasn’t been frustrated on a conference call?  Here is a conference call meme with common complaint. 

conference call meme

We will keep adding to our cubicle etiquette signs and workplace memes.  If you want a downloadable cubicle etiquette sign for one of these, contact us at  We will put it out there on our etsy store for $6.95.  Or, if you want a cubicle etiquette poster, we can do that too.  We created this next meme for a client.  

Take your Dog to Work Meme 

take your dog to work day meme

Ice Breaker Games for Meetings

We have ice breaker games for meetings we recommend for some office fun.  This is a downloadable story.  You take turns filling out the blanks for this spooky story.  Then, team mates take turns reading the story out loud.  It is a fun way to start a team meeting or take an afternoon break!  If you want to add to the fun, you can ask the person to read part of the story in their best Darth Vader, cheerleader, or soprano voice.  

office game ice breaker

Be Back Soon Desk Sign

Another office product you might like is our Be Back Soon Desk Sign.  It lets your co-workers know when you will return to your desk.  We can do something in our freestanding trays like our goal board or custom be back soon product that doubles as a message & dry erase board.  

be back soon sign

Funny Office Survival Kit 

Another way to add some humor to the office is a funny office survival kit.  Here are some ideas to include in your kit.  You can purchase in a pencil case for the items.  We show in a pencil case we had made from our fabric remnants.  The profit goes to provide items for kids in foster care.  From the ear plugs to the fan, you can personalize the kit to match office culture.  If you want us to work up a survival kit for your office, contact us.  

funny office survival kit

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