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5×5 Cubicles

5×5 Cubicles or 5 foot x 5 foot with 25 square feet per person are becoming more and more popular in office design.  The balance of the high cost of office square footage and giving employees enough personal space is tricky.  We created the standard size of office cubicles to help visualize the size and height of a cubicle and determine what is the right size for your office.  5×5 workstations are the minimum size you can have and still have 2 work surfaces.    

5×5 Office Cubicles 

When we look at the 3 options in the attached picture.  One storage file cabinet pedestal is shown in each option.  A 2nd file cabinet would not give enough knee space and chair movement.  In option one, you can narrow the workforce depth to 20″ for more chair movement.  24″ is the standard depth of cubicle work surfaces.  An engineering firm with big plans is an example of a company that would need deeper 30″ worksurfaces.  For most companies 24″ is plenty of depth for a worksurface.  Decreasing the depth to 20″ in the return is a mild adjustment to give more knee space.  

Option 2 is a corner work surface.  The positive here is folks sit diagonal vs. straight ahead.  Most folks are not fans of sitting with their backs to aisle.  A corner worksurface reduces some of that discomfort of someone being able to come up from behind and not be seen.  In a 5×5 cubicle, you are working with the minimum ADA requirement and it may feel tight.  

The 3rd option is with one 60″ straight worksurface.  This is less work surface to spread out compared with option 1 and 2.  If you are a paperless office, less desk space may not be as important.  

5 x 5 cubicle lay-out

This client install of 5×5 cubicles went with option 1. These are tall Allsteel cubicles at 69″ high.  This client wanted an economic, sustainable option and went with a choice from our used cubicle inventory.  The cubicle inventory had glass panels for the wing panel.  We like incorporating glass in our installs.  Glass allows natural light and lightens the overall feel of a 5×5 cubicle.  

5x5 cubicles

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