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Examples of Office Bathroom Ideas that will Inspire You

Office bathroom ideas have become our newest focus.  When you are designing an office, there is a lot to do.  From the front desks to the conference room, you can make an argument on their importance to company culture and first impressions.  Designer, Thomas Heatherwick, mentions the human experience and focusing on the places where folks interact like the elevator buttons.  With the human experience in mind, save some design juice for the office bathroom.  

Office Bathroom Sign

We love some office humor!  This bathroom sign was spotted outside a bowling alley restroom.  It was playful.  The owners of the business are a husband | wife team & the sign matched the approachable style of their business.  While we couldn’t find the identical men to the left women are always right sign, this is favorite amazon option.  

funny public bathroom signs

Commercial Vinyl Flooring 

Next, let’s dig in with the flooring.  Recently, we visited a public bathroom with concrete floors.  It was cold.  We left the restroom wondering why they hadn’t chosen commercial vinyl flooring.  It is low maintenance & warms up a cold bathroom.  Here is an example of a public bathroom with the wood planks vinyl.  

vinyl wood plank floor in public restroom

This restroom was one of our favorites with the wood accent pieces.  Here is the double vanity with a wood finish.  You will also see the purple accent wall that warms up the contrasts with the neutral cream walls.  

double vanity public restroom

The stalls of this public office bathroom had the contrast color.  The toilet is framed in the neutral cream.  

accent wall in commercial restroom

Office Bathroom Ideas Paint Color 

We showed you the fun bathroom sign outside our favorite hometown bowing alley.  So, what did the bathroom look like?  It was just as playful inside.  The lesson here, do not be afraid to use color.  The melon color in this 2 stall public bathroom could have felt overpowering.  We love how the owners used a leaf stamp to break up the design.  

melon colored paint in bathroom

Here is another view of the paint from the stall.  You can see the framed artwork chosen was very homey with the family, faith, & friends.  For a family establishment, like a bowling alley, this is on message with the business’ theme.  

restroom with stamped walls

For our office bathroom, we spent a lot of time looking for office bathroom ideas.  The first thing we needed was a toilet & towel holders.  Since our focus is on upcycling, we wanted something in this theme.  After a visit to Scraps KC, we found some pool sticks for a dollar apiece and a bent wrench.    

Scraps KC

Here is the after of our holders.  The upcyled pool sticks added warmth to the bathroom.  When folks come out of the bathroom, many mention the pool sticks.  It was an easy way to reemphasize our company mission & continue the design theme into the bathroom.  

rustic bathroom decor reclaimed towel holder & toilet paper roll holder

Freestanding toilet paper holder 

For our toilet paper storage, we found this adorable metal sheep.  You can hang it or set it on the floor.  Affiliate Link for Amazon

freestanding toilet paper holder

Office Bathroom Art

In a local dental office, the office bathroom left a calming feeling.  From the warm shade of charcoal wall paper to the gloss white frame floral photography, the bathroom felt fresh & clean.  Since many folks would consider a dentist visit anything but calm, the accents of floral photography set the stage to relax patients.  

dental clinical interior decoration

Industrial Office Bathroom

Our neighbors completed the restoration of an old building.  Their industrial style and creativity made some unique pieces in the office bathroom.  

These reclaimed ceiling tiles from the building were used in the office bathroom.  The patina of the ceiling tiles made an art patchwork.  

reclaimed metal ceiling tiles

We love the unique towel dispenser.  It is a reclaimed electric panel from the project repurposed to a towel dispenser.   

industrial office bathroom

Office Bathroom Toiletries

We love going into an office bathroom with toiletries.  It warms up the office bathroom and leaves you with a positive impression.  Here is a sample of one display.  Included in the toiletries bucket were kleenex, hair spray, hand lotion, and feminine products.  

office bathroom toiletries

Funny Office Bathroom Etiquette Sign

This funny office bathroom etiquette sign is great for a small office that does not have a gender designation for the office bathroom.  Even better…you can use our affiliate link for Amazon

Funny Office Bathroom Etiquette Sign

Funny Public Restroom Sign for Men 

We love creative signs.  This funny do not pee on the toilet sign was spotted at a convenience store in Eskridge Kansas.  It says, “how can a man who can hit a deer at 250 yards keep missing the toilet.”  We asked the attendant about it.  He smiled and said, “I don’t have to clean up the bathroom very often.”  We took that as a “sign” it was working.  🙂 

funny do not pee on the toilet sign
Funny Public Restroom Sign for Men

Bathroom Construction Sign 

Many times construction does not goes as planned.  Take this example.  It was supposed to be a two stool restroom.  Instead, there was one stall and 1 bathroom right out in the open with this framed sign.  This was during their business grand opening.  Ooops!  “Sorry! The contractor (aka husband & owner) forgot to order enough stall panels.  I will keep him though.”  

bathroom construction funny sign
Bathroom Construction Sign

If you need some help designing your office bathroom, we would love to help! Please contact us.

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