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Office Cubicle Decoration Ideas go from Boring to BAM!

Office Cubicle Decoration Ideas

Take your cubicle from boring to BAM!  You spend a lot of time in your cubicle.  Here are some ideas & products that can make your cubicle brighter & unique.  

We did whole blog posts about biophilic design and the best cubicle plants you can’t kill & will give your air quality a boost Bottom line bring the outdoors inside your work space.  Our favorite low maintenance option is preserved moss.  Moss still provides sound absorption and toxin cleansing!  And, we have options that will fit in your cubicles.  

cubicle plants

If you work in an office cubicle and want to add visual privacy, this cubicle planter or cubicle accessory may be for you.  This planter attaches to the top cap of the cubicle.  It is adjustable to fit most cubicle manufacturers.  You can do faux or live plants.  

Cubicle Plants














Another option is this hanging cubicle planter that hangs over the top of the cubicle with the same planters we use with our tier plant stands.  If you and your neighbor both love plants, this is a great idea.  Or, how about some friendly green thumb competition! 

hanging cubicle planter

tabletop planter stand

  • Cubicle Organization 

We love an office bulletin board to keep you organized with a clean work surface, providing vertical storage.  One of our favorite recent furniture installs was done by our friends in Chicago.  While we like the office furniture, we want to focus on the modern cubicle decor.  We love this umbra magnetic office bulletin board for storing your pens, folders, etc.  It also has backing to use push pins.  The board comes with white push pins and silver magnets.  If you love those magnetic containers, those are from The Container Store for under $10.00.   

modern cubicle decor

Another example of how you can utilize the Umbra bulletin board.  We wanted some magnetic air plant holders for our air plants and to practice what we preach about office plants.  These pineapple wood airplant holders were perfect.  We added our Goal Board & some of The Container Store magnetic cubbies.  

magnetic board amazon

  • Cubicle Art

From clings to printed wood, we add art to cubicles.  We bring cubicles and desks to life.   If you prefer a fabric board, we make custom frameless fabric bulletin boards.  Shown in red, these bulletin boards matched the companies brand colors.  

Custom Fabric Pinboard

Printed graphics to bring art to the inside of the cubicle.  This is nice for a touch down cubicle that may or may not be in use.  It always looks presentable to visitors.  

printed cubicle art

We love adding custom shelves to cubicles.  From laminate to wood, we can make it easy to add a unique shelf to your cubicle.  We can do a live edge shelf too!  Once we know the manufacturer of your cubicle, we can determine which brackets you need for your cubicle panels.  You can e-mail us a picture of your cubicle as a starting point & any ideas you have for the shelf. Pricing varies on size, material, & brackets & starts at $95.

office cubicles shelves

To hang your cubicle decor utilizing your cubicle panels, here are the after market brackets we recommend.  They are adjustable which means they will fit most cubicle panels no matter the manufacturer.  

cubicle adjustable hangers to hang pictures

You can even use these hangers with one of our recommended cubicle planters.  

cubicle partition planter

The cubicle hangers work with our shelf brackets for another option for a cubicle shelf.  

wood cubicle shelf decor

  • Inspiration Word Art for your Office  

Make your favorite quote into framed art for your cubicle or desk.  A few of our favorite quotes for the workplace are ready to print in our shared Canva folder.  Printable Office Quotes  Here are current ones you can print:

“Nothing is impossible.  The word itself is ‘I’m Possible.'” ~  Audrey Hepburn

“It’s amazing what you can accomplish if you do not care who gets credit.”  ~  Harry Truman

No Bitchin’ in my Cubicle

This Office is Full of Heart & Hustle

Flutter & Fly 

No Bitchin' in my Cubicle Cubicle Signs

We also have more motivational quotes for work success.  These quotes from Oprah, RBG, Michelle Obama, & Rachel Hollis can be made a goal board to keep the inspiration.  

Or, we can do something like the butterfly below.  One of our artists on Design Drive made a watercolor for one of her favorite Rachel Hollis memes.   

rachel hollis butterfly quote

While not technically a decoration, we put this in the category of a good teammate.  Let folks know when you will return to your cubicle.  While we think it is helpful for everybody, if folks need you for a signature, then, this is a must have item.  We can customize with your logo or verbiage.  Pricing discounts when ordered in larger quantities.      

  i have stepped away from my desk sign

Hopefully, these office cubicle decoration ideas will give your cubicle some BAM!  We would love to see your pictures of going from boring to BAM!  Feel free to e-mail me at to be featured in a boring to BAM! cubicle make-over post.  





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