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Conference Room Mural: How your conference room can go from boring to BAM!

A conference room mural adds so much character to a conference room.

Why do you need a cool conference room?

  • Potential hires, vendors, customers, & guests see your conference room.  This is one of the first impressions your company will make.  What types of clients do you want?  Your conference room should feel that way.
  • Your board, executives, & staff will be using conference rooms to strategize.  The conference room should be set-up to reinforce your company values.

One executive came into the showroom and sat in our conference room furniture.  She made a great point.  “I feel so comfortable here.  When you feel comfortable, you make better decisions.”

The feedback we get from companies that do a conference room mural is they love it.  “Everyone that comes into the conference room mentions the mural.”  You can see why looking at what SquadBuilders chose for their cool mural!  Since they are headquartered in Kansas City, Kansas City murals were chosen.  They added some orange in the background to match their brand colors.

Office Murals Kansas City

Conference Room Mural

For a food company that sells fresh ingredients to restaurants, they used images of fresh food in their brand colors (red, white, & blue) for their business wall mural.  The murals became the room names.  Meeting in the Cherry Conference Room or Blueberry Conference Room is so much more personal than meeting in a plain small conference room.  When you walk into this conference room, you think FRESH!  Fresh like the food they sell you.
 cool murals for a wall
Conference Room Mural

Cool Conference Room Murals for a Wall

We spotted this cool conference room mural at a real estate office.  The office had a modern design with black and gold finishes.  The conference room features this mural “THINK BIG”.

cool conference room murals

Murals for the office

We love how this company went with a theme of their conference rooms.  They chose fun colors and bright conference chairs.  The murals of the city scape are done in the feature color and match those bright conference room chairs.  Which is your favorite?

Purple Conference Room

purple conference room

Orange Conference Room

 Murals for the office

Pink Conference Room

pink conference room

My favorite, PINK!  Something about the pink conference room mural and this ERG International swivel chairs makes me swoon!

Artificial Greenery Wall for Conference Room

Another stunning BAM! mural is an artificial greenery wall.  This is something that requires no maintenance but a bit of dusting every now and then.  Gone are the days of artificial plants looking like rubber, you have to touch these to realize they are not real.  You can add some different hues to work with your office design.

artificial greenery wall for conference room

Mural for Waiting Room

We walk thru the waiting room design for a pediatric clinic.  The waiting room mural was an excellent accent in the overall design.

animal mural for a pediatric clinic

To get pricing on a conference room mural, there are few things we need to know:
  • Does the wall currently have wallpaper or a mural on it?  Will it need to be removed?  What type of shape is the wall in?
  • How many Light switches need to be removed and replaced?
  • Does any Molding need to be removed and replaced?
  • Is the wall flat, curved?
  • What is the square footage for the wall?  To determine the square footage, you need so measure the height & width of the wall.

What are the next steps to get your own cool conference room mural?

  1.  Email us.
  2.  We will get you a quote.

If you need conference room furniture too, we can bundle it together for the best deal & make the process easy!  You can order the conference room table, chairs, & mural together.  For more information on the size of conference room table that will fit your room.

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