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Glass Office Cubicles

Glass office cubicles allow you to think and work at the same time. Glass can work in any standard sizes of office cubicles.  When you’re one of many employees to share an office space, distraction can be a major contributor to unproductivity. With our options of glass office cubicles, we’ve gifted businesses with the ability to partition their space without sacrificing openness and cohesion among colleagues!

We have been in the industry a long time and over the years the design for glass office cubicles has been consistent in its popularity. How much glass is the question? Below we have some examples of recent lay-outs we have created at the request of our clients. Perhaps, you will see one that will work for your office design. Or, you can use it as a starting point and we can modify to what you want.

Cubicles with Glass Stacker

Our first example is 6×6 cubicles with a glass stacker.  The cubicle is mid height for seated privacy.  With the glass, you can be seen while sitting and working.  The glass does provide some sound absorption.  

refurbished steelcase cubicles
6×6 Cubicles with Glass Stacker

This next example was designed for an insurance company. The client was looking for 2 private offices. The height is 82″ tall. Fabric goes up to 37″ tall with a plexiglass stacker of 47″. Real glass could be used for a 10% upcharge.

2 glass office cubicles
2 Glass Office Cubicles

In this example, we show accent cubicle panels in a different color to match a software company’s brand. The cubicles are 6×6 with tall panels of 68″. The fabric piece 56″ tall and the glass stacker is 12″.

6 x 6 cubicle
Tall Cubicles with Glass

Currently, this accounting firm has full size cubicles. Their needs have changed as employees are not full time in the office. They need a private office cubicle with a door and 2 touch down cubicles for when those employees are in the office. We dig into more corner private offices on this post.

corner office with 2 touch down stations
Corner Office with 2 Touch Down Stations

This view allows you to see the inside of a cubicle with glass. This is an example of 6×6 Steelcase refurbished cubicle with a glass stacker.

6x6 cubicle
Inside View of Cubicle

Cubicles with Frameless Glass

In the other cubicle examples, we have shown glass stacker panels. This gives a framed look of the glass. Another option is the frameless glass where the glass is on the cubicle top panel connected by brackets.

cubicles with frameless glass
Cubicles with Frameless Glass

Glass Private Office Cubicles

glass private office cubicles
Glass Private Office Cubicles
private offices with glass panels and glass door
Private Offices with Glass Panels and Glass Door

Frosted Glass Cubicles

These frosted glass cubicles are stunning!  There are a few unique design features.  The cubicles are still private; however, instead of fabric, frosted plexiglass was used in the cubicles.  This allows for some natural light to still peek through the office space.  You also have cubicle shelves used as lower storage vs. the typical upper storage.  The wing panels are 12″ wide vs. a large wing panel.  We like the chalkboard name tags to leave a message and the stained glass like art piece.  And, let’s talk about those plants!  

frosted glass cubicles
Frosted Glass Cubicles

Hopefully, our examples of glass office cubicles has helped you think about the cubicle design that will work for your team.  Please reach out and let us know about your project and how we can help!  


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