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Learn how a cubicle planter will improve your work life!

We love how a cubicle planter can improve your work life due to all the benefits of plants in the office.  Biophilic design and the healthy way folks respond to bringing the outdoors indoors with natural design elements and natural light is very popular.  There are several studies enforcing that this type of design can increase productivity.  We also have more office cubicle decoration ideas.  

That is fabulous, but you may not be in charge of the entire office design.  The biggest benefit to an office cubicle is privacy.  There are still some rules of etiquette for the cubicle.  Rules like don’t heat up tuna and sit in your cubicle or still use your library voice.

Cubicle Planter  

We will be adding to our planter solutions.  Here is what we currently offer.  We also work with incredible furniture makers kansas city on Design Drive.  We can make a custom solution for you.  

Our first cubicle planter sits on top of your cubicle panel or partition.   

office cubicle planter

Cubicle Planter Box

The second option allows you and your cubicle neighbor to both have plants.  You have 2 Wallygro planters that span the cubicle panels.  A felt strip connects the two planters.  This option is still under beta testing.  If you would like to beta test this, please email me.

hanging cubicle planter

Cubicle Partition Planter

A modification of this is using the cubicle hangers with the Wallygro planters.  We are testing this in our showroom & have another volunteer trying it too.  All is going well with the test.  

cubicle planters





Our 3rd option is a desktop planter that will set on cubicle worksurface.  We designed this & it was handcrafted just a few doors down from us.  With this planter, you can do 2 plants or one with plants and the other planter can be an office caddy.  We show it here with a pothos plant & office files.  

indoor office planter

Indoor Office Planter 

Cubicle Magnetic Board

We like that this cubicle magnetic board is also tackable for hanging plants in your cubicle.  Available in white with plenty of magnet surface.   We tested the board and found even weak magnets work well on it.   The size is 20″ x 15″, so on the smaller side.

umbra bulletin board

Cubicle Bulletin Board  

Here is that same cubicle bulletin board at an install in Chicago.  

modern cubicle decor

Best Cubicle Plants 

Now, that you know the cubicle planter options, we can focus on the best cubicle plants.  In this piece, we look at plants you can keep alive & those that remove air toxins commonly found in office environments.  

As always, you can reach out to us with any questions or custom office solutions:


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