Door Table DYI Learn how to make your own colorful reclaimed door table

Starts at: $295.00

Door Table DIY Want to make a table of your own from reclaimed doors?  Dawn can help you.  With years of experience, she can share her lessons learned over this 30 minutes consult.  From sourcing doors to picking out the best door to process short cuts, Dawn will customize this 30 minutes to answer the questions you have.  In terms of scheduling, it will be worked out at a convenient time for you & her.  

Dawn is our neighbor on Design Drive in downtown Grandview.  She manipulates color in amazing ways.  We asked her about her style.  She said funky painted furniture, boat wood furniture, or steampunk furniture are the best descriptions.  

colorful painted furniture

Boat Wood Furniture 

funky painted furniture

Funky Painted Furniture 

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