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Conference Room Furniture

Conference room furniture is important to any office.  Use your conference room furniture to showcase the character of your office.  First you need to know the size of conference table that will fit the conference room.  You need to allow 36″ – 42″  of chair movement on every side of the table.  For instance a 21′ x 10′ room is the right fit for a 14′ x 4′ conference table.  You have 7′ of space for conference chair movement on the 21 foot end.  Also, this gives you enough space for a conference room buffet.  That gives exactly 6′ for chair movement on the 10 foot dimension. 

Regularly, we get asked about the shapes & standard sizes of conference tables.  A general rule:  conference tables come in even sizes:  6′, 8′, 10′, 12′.  As you move into bigger sizes, there are few manufacturers and most of those tables will be Made in the USA. 

Below are some example of conference room furniture & conference room designs. 

14′ Foot Conference Table 

This is a 14′ conference table. The client chose a boat shape.  For this company, they were having video call with their corporate office every week.  They wanted a signature “BAM” piece for those weekly call.  This conference table was made from recycled glass and they picked out everything from the shard size to the color.  

14 foot conference table

White Conference Table 

This is a white conference room table we did for an install in Las Vegas.  The entire vibe of the office was very modern.  We like a laminate for durability in a conference room table.  This is a white laminate with white mesh back conference chairs.  

White Conference Room Table Kansas City

At the open house, the conference room buffet stole the show.  We duplicated this piece for their next office in San Francisco.  

Conference Room Buffet Kansas City


If you love this wallpaper and looking for wallpaper furniture ideas, we did an old desk makeover using the remnants from this project.  

Custom Modern Glass Conference Table

A higher end option from our Las Vegas install was this custom modern glass conference table made in Kansas City.  Very modern & sleek!  This is a high profile conference room that leave a BAM impression!

Conference Room Furniture Kansas City

Conference Room Mural

We love bringing a project to live with a office mural.  Here is small office meeting room with a mural.  Contact us for a quote of this conference room furniture & office mural to get the best deal on a bundle deal for everything.  

Conference Room Mural Kansas City

Industrial Office Design

Industrial office furniture continues to gain popularity.  Here are examples of a industrial conference room furniture.

In this first example, we have a wood conference table with matching conference room buffet.  The BAM feature of this conference room is the office mural of downtown Kansas City.  The branding for the company is orange.  They have the mural feature more orange to match their branding.  Anyone that walks into this office is going to remember this office mural.  

Office Murals Kansas City

Industrial Glass Conference Table 

We love our neighbors’ industrial glass conference table.  The strong wood beam and metal base is complimented with the glass top.  

industrial glass conference table


Then, we have this industrial office conference room.  From the artwork to the vinyl cloth rug, we can do this conference room furniture look for you!  

Industrial Conference Room Furniture


For this conference room flooring, these office floor mats are an excellent choice for hard floors.  They come in many sizes & shapes.  We love that they are so easy to clean!  

Conference Room Rug Kansas City

Conference Room Lights

When it comes to your conference room furniture, do not forget about the lighting.  Here are examples of conference room lighting available to purchase from us!  We love Scrap-lights that were created by 2 architects in Seattle.  They use recycled cardboard that is hand glued together.  When I first saw the lights, they almost looked liked hanging baskets.  On closer inspection, you could see the flute of the cardboard was providing that interesting texture.  We have 3 of these lights in our showroom on Design Drive.  They are one of the most photographed items in our showroom.  

Eco-friendly lights

Conference Room Lighting

For a more industrial, rustic light, we have the light we designed from vintage drinking glasses.   For this light, we wanted to showcase our emphasis on Made in USA product.  

Red white and blue lights

Light from Vintage Glasses


We received a call about the Luceplan light.  This modern light is an amazing deal.  It was purchased at auction still in the box.  The body consists of a sound absorbent panel upholstered in white fabric, improving acoustic comfort within environment.

Luceplan Petale 

luceplan petale

One of our passions is making manufacturing scraps into cool office products.  This light is an example.  The aluminum drums come from your office ink toner.  Because they are aluminum, the refurbisher recycles these drums.  During a showroom visit, we took a picture of a box of the drum.  After talking to a talented designer, she suggested a light.  We loved the idea of repurposing this scrap into a modern light.  Drum roll please….

LED Modern Chandelier

LED Modern Chandelier

If you want to duplicate any of these conference rooms, contact us.







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