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Standard Sizes of Conference Tables examples of Conference Room Furniture that will assist You

What are the shapes and standard sizes of conference tables?  

This is a question we are regularly asked.  Let’s show you some examples to help select conference room furniture that will work for your office space.   We like a conference room mural for some extra BAM!

While different manufacturers offer different options, you will find that most will offer 3-4 standard shapes in 3-6 standard sizes. For more information on the size of table needed for a conference room, check out our conference room size calculator

Round Conference Table

  • Round:  This conference table is typically offered in 36”, 42”, and 48” diameters, though a few companies also offer it in a 60” diameter.  You would typically find this type of table in a large office or very small conference room.
cool murals for a wall
Round Office Table
48" round conference table
Small Round Office Table with Chairs


We always love adding glass to our client’s office design, such as glass office cubicles.  In this install, our client wanted a small round glass conference table.  Our vendors didn’t have the size they needed in stock.  So, we sent them this affiliate link to purchase round glass table.  It turned out wonderful with the guest chairs we sold them in blue to match their brand.  It is 39.25″ in diameter.

small round glass conference table

It is hard to know the size someone needs when they are searching for a small round conference table.  Above we show examples in 30″, 42″, & 48″.  What if you need a round conference table for 6 or a round conference table for 8?  We can help you there too.  Below is a Made In the USA round conference table in 60″, 72″, 96″ or however big we need to do.  The laminate table has a lead time in 5 weeks and you can pick several from several laminates, with or without a power grommet.  

small round conference table

Rectangle Conference Table 

  • Rectangle ~  the rectangular table is very popular in several sizes.  The rectangular conference table is a more traditional style table, and works well in rooms that match its shape: 
    • 3’x6’
    • 3’ 6”x8’
    • 4’x8’
    • 4’x10’:
    • 4’x12’
    • 4’x14’
Office Murals Kansas City
Rectangle Conference Table

Racetrack Conference Table 

  • Racetrack ~ this table with its oval shape has straight sides, but rounded ends.  This style of conference table is a bit more modern, and is great if you need to squeeze in a couple extra chairs since it doesn’t have any corners.  It also works well in rooms where chair space is at the minimum at the ends as it eliminates the sharp corners of the rectangular table.  If you are looking for a budget friendly conference table, the racetrack is the most common table imported from overseas.  The typical sizes for a racetrack table:
    • 3’x6’  (First example below in Mahogany laminate)
    • 4’x8’ (Second example below in Pecan laminate)
    • 4’x10’
    • 4’x12’
    • 4’x14’
6 foot racetrack mahogany laminate conference table
racetrack conference table

Boat Shaped Conference Table 

  • Boat-Shaped ~ This table is straight on the ends, but has curved sides that bow out from the ends.  The 3’, 4’ and 5’ measurement is the widest point of the table, which is the middle.  The ends are typically 6”-12” smaller than the middle.

    The boat-shaped table is a modern yet transitional table that integrates into many different office environments. Sizes vary, but usually include:

    • 3’x6’
    • 4’x8’
    • 4’x10’
    • 4’x12’
    • 4’x14’
    • 5’x16’
14 foot boat shaped conference table

Now that we have looked at the most common sizes and shapes, we have a recent install of more office tables walking thru why the client chose what they chose.  What if what you want something different from standard options?    

Hexagon Table Top

This hexagon table top was custom made for a client.  The top will be used as a work bench in a manufacturing plant.  The company is based in Europe and they love their hexagon work bench there.  They were looking for a company that would quickly make a similar table.  After receiving the dimensions they wanted, we quoted the hexagon table top.  Four weeks from the time they ordered, this table top was delivered.  

Hexagon Table Top
Hexagon Table Top

Custom Conference Table

Custom options are limitless.  You can pick any conference table shape, in any size, any material and finish, with any kind of table base.  And custom does not always mean more expensive, depending on the options you select.  For example, a laminate table in a custom size will be more than an import in a standard size; however, you will have a larger selection of laminate choices.  

Clients choose custom tables for many reasons, some of which include:

  • Desire for a unique look
  • Need to accommodate a large/small, or odd shaped room
  • Desire to match existing furniture
  • Need for extensive cabling features

If you are looking for a custom conference table, one of our Furniture Makers Kansas City can do the job.  We also have custom makers & installers throughout the US.  We are happy to connect you with a good local custom shop.  Hopefully, knowing the standard sizes of conference tables, will help you pick out the right table for your office.  Feel free to e-mail us questions or for our  current options. 

Here are some of our favorite custom table options.

Conference Room Credenza with Refrigerator and Trash

Conference room credenza with refrigerator and trash
Conference Room Credenza with Refrigerator and Trash

A very common piece in the conference rooms is a conference room credenza.  If your are going to entertain or have team meetings, you may want a multi function piece.  This custom conference room credenza has a beverage cooler and a trash and recycling pull-out.  It is counter height at 36″ tall, 24″ deep and 72″ tall.  

After working through a client in the decision process of the credenza, it can be a rabbit of choices.  Here are some things to consider.  Will you have a coffee machine on the top?  If so, what type of machine?  You may want a water line and need that line to run through the credenza.  

Decide on your beverage cooler, so you can make sure it will fit.  You will want a cooler that ventilates at the front.  

If you want more tips on conference room design, please contact us.

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