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Charlie’s cheerful custom creations with an expertise in handcrafted mixed wood furniture

Charlie’s Custom Creations with an emphasis in mixed wood furniture are showpieces!  When we moved to Design Drive in downtown Grandview, MO in South Kansas City, one local artist told us we had to meet Charlie.  His wood shop is down the street from our showroom.  It is one of those shops that if you didn’t know it was there, you wouldn’t know.  Once we met Charlie, we understood the recommendation.  Charlie has been making mixed wood furniture pieces for over 50 years.  From cutting boards to tables, his pieces are stunning.   He told us his wife wants him to retire, but he didn’t think that was a good idea.  Most week day mornings from 8:00 to Noon is working with wood & making something beautiful! 

Many of the pieces Charlie makes is a blend of maple, cherry, & walnut.  If you prefer a different combination, he can do it.  The blend of these 3 woods gives you the light, medium, & dark to match any room or office decor.  One look at a piece Charlie has created & you see the craftsmanship.  He keeps all the specifications on his project.  So, if you see something you like, he can duplicate it.  

Mixed Wood Furniture 

hexagon table

Hexagon Table

For our first collaboration, we designed an indoor office planter for desks & cubicles.  Charlie took our model & made it so much better.  

pothos plant benefits

Mixed Wood Planter Stand

He also created a taller version in the 3 tier plant stand.

Charlie doesn’t just create mixed wood furniture.  He did this custom desk from knotty alder wood.  This is available now in our showroom.  You can do an office furniture bundle & get the entire set-up with the desk, ergonomic office chair, desktop planter for the best deal.  

custom desk kansas city


Here is a beautiful cutting board slab he created for a local event space.  The food or the furniture, it is hard to pick which is the favorite here. 

rustic wood serving tray

Handcrafted Mixed Wood Cutting Boards

After all the years Charlie’s has been handcrafting cutting boards, this is the best seller.  It is a mix of maple, walnut, & cherry.  It has hand holds for ease of use. 

handcrafted mixed wood cutting boards


Unique is another thing Charlie can do!  Here is a wood cat litter box.  It is custom made in white oak handcrafted by Charlie.  

wood cat litter box



Charlie’s passion for wood furniture is contagious.  After he creates one piece furniture for you, you will be thinking of the next piece you want.  From bird houses, cat litter boxes, and tables, he can make custom piece for your home or office.  Besides the planter stands, Charlie has several pieces in our showroom.  You can purchase one or collaborate on a custom solution.  

For those Charlie’s Angels fans, this is a Charlie you can actually meet.  We insisted on a picture & he teased that no one will want a piece of his furniture or hand crafted cutting boards after the picture.  We couldn’t disagree more.  


charlie's custom creations

Here is a mixed wood furniture video sample of his work in the showroom.  

Mixed Wood Furniture Video

Contact Us & let us know you want to meet Charlie to help prove us wrong!    

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