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Rustic Lights

Light Design

We designed this rustic light to showcase Made in the USA & sustainability.  The inspiration of this light came from my great grandfather’s red whiskey glasses.  

These vintage glasses were collecting dust in my dining room.  I loved them & used them as a votive candle holder but felt I could do more with them.  I did a google search to see if it is was possible to make a light from vintage glasses.  After realizing it was possible, I went to work on the finding the other pieces of the light.  

red vintage glassware

The cobalt blue glasses were discovered in an auction in Plainville, KS.   We left a bid hoping we would win the glasses & we did!!

blue vintage glassware



The last glasses were found in an antique store in Shawnee, KS.  We couldn’t believe they were hand blown.  You can see the air pockets which is the sure sign they are hand blown.  The blue stripe was perfect to bring our rustic lights with a hat tip to Made in USA together.  

Hand blown glasses


We have some other rustic lights designs in mind using vintage glasses.  Vintage glasses are so cheap…less than $5 a glass!  The next time you pass by some cool ones at garage sale or auction, you might consider your own custom light.  One tip, if you do not want the light bulb to show, go for a taller glass.  You need about 6″ to make sure the light bulb doesn’t show.  In our design, our blue cobalt glasses were the tallest.  

Rustic Lights

Here is the product listing on this rustic light.  

Light from Vintage Glasses

Rustic Light Fixtures 

If you are looking for a modern light from vintage glasses, you might light this one.  When we started this process, this light we found during our google search letting us know it was a possible to make a light fixture from drinking glasses.  

Modern Light Fixture

Modern Light Fixture

Your Own Custom Light from Vintage Glasses

If you would like to work together on a custom light of your own, please contact us:   You can use liquor bottles, mason jars, vintages drinking glasses, etc.  


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