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We have discovered some incredible local Kansas City artists.  One of our favorite things to do when folks come into the showroom is to point out the talent within a couple blocks of the showroom.  Then, we expand out and show the talent in the city. 

Kansas City Artists

Kristin’s ink and watercolor are an example of the talent within a couple blocks of the showroom.  Kristin lives near by and we met her at Silvia’s.  Silvia’s is one of two tasty Mexican restaurants within a stone’s throw.  Kristin mentioned being an artist when we met her.  We wanted to see her work and learn more.  It is her amazing monarch butterfly art we blended with this Rachel Hollis quote.  The quote and butterfly really match where Kristin was when we met her… an artist continuing to do her art and work a full time job.  We are so glad she continues to do her art!

monarch butterfly watercolor

When we met, we talked about art that interested us.  She talked about the Kansas City Southern train.  We were working on a project for a mens office & thinking about industrial art and industrial office furniture.  Our first collaboration is this train watercolor.  The history of our building dates back to 1915.  With a railroad 20 steps to the West side of the building, we understand the building was used a staging area for goods coming off and on the train.  Now, the train runs a couple times a month on those tracks.  

industrial art

Train Watercolor

Kristin let us know of several other local artists Kansas City.  There is JHS Pedals in Grandview.  Music artists like The Edge, Mike Campbell, and Elvis Costello use rigs created in Grandview.  Kristin used to work for JHS Pedals & created this watercolor for the Pulp N Peel v4 rig.  

JHS Pedals Art

JHS Pedals Art

Kristin was the one that introduced to Charlie, the mixed wood furniture expert.  We collaborated with Charlie on our indoor office planter.  

If you are interested in one of Kristin already created pieces or a custom piece, please contact us to meet in our showroom to discuss.

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