Eco Friendly Lights Scraplights in Kansas City

Starts at: $235.00

Eco friendly lights!  We love these eco friendly lights made from recycled cardboard.  Also, they are available in white.  COOL stuff from GrayPants Studio Scraplights.  They are worth a trip to our showroom in Grandview to see in person.  And, while you are checking out the showroom, we will show you the different styles & sizes.  We can place your order while you are there & BAM, & then your Scraplights lights will arrive in 2 – 3 days.  It is a Brick & Click!  


Sustainable Office:  Yes, this is recycled cardboard.  

Made in the USA:  Yes.  Handmade in Seattle.  

Custom:  Yes, we can reupholster with the fabric of your choice.

Availability:  Arrives to you in 2 – 3 days.  Shipped to your door or pick up from our warehouse.  

Pricing:  Starts at $235 & depends on the size & shape.  

Will you need a local electrician to install them?  We have a recommendation for you.  

For an upclose look at our eco-friendly Scraplights: