Away Desk Sign in freestanding tray

Starts at: $34.95

An Away Desk Sign | Out to Lunch Be Back Soon Sign is an easy way to let folks know how to reach you.  If you have ever stalked your boss’ desk to ask a question or get a signature, you know how appreciated a sign can be.  This is a 5″ x 7″ plus the freestanding tray in either maple or cherry.  It is dry erase laminated.  Purchase includes the dry erase marker with eraser cap & the velcro sticker to attach marker to the tray.   

Past Clients: Anyone with a desk or cubicle.  

Sustainability:  Kinda.  The solid wood tray is scrap wood from other projects. 

Custom:  Yes, we can customize the size, shape, graphics, etc

Shipping:  Included in price.

Availability:  We have this 8″ x 10″ ready to go.  For a custom order, the lead time is 1 – 2 weeks from time of order.  

away from desk signs

Here is a custom away from desk sign we did for a client.  

away from desk sign

If you need a custom away from desk sign, be back soon sign, closed for lunch sign, we can do it!

be back soon sign

Be Back Soon Sign

closed for lunch sign

Closed for Lunch Sign

We also have our goal board where we can have your company vision statement, favorite quote, etc.  


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