Industrial Office Cubicles

Starts at: $1,395.00

Industrial Office Cubicles for the modern office.  These stair-step industrial office cubicles are shown with tall spines & drop down to mid-height & then, drop down to 42” tall.  Now, these are stairs that will not make you winded.  The fabric is grey with white trim.  Pipe legs were used for the support.  These are refurbished cubicles, meaning you can customize & add-on later.   

Past Clients:  Companies wanting to customize without the custom price tag. 

Sustainable Office: Yes, we refurbished used cubicle panels with new fabric & added some new worksurfaces.  The storage pedestal has a recovered cushion in a recycled burlap coffee bag.  The smell of coffee is an added side effect to keep employees caffeinated & alert!

Custom:  Yes, we can customize the size, height, worksurfaces, & trim color for your needs.

Availability: Lead time is 6 to 8 weeks depending on finish selection & our inventory.  Made in USA & ships from Kansas City.

Shipping:  Not included in Price

We also did the industrial cubicles in this same install.   These call center cubicles had the same pipe leg supports.    

Not sure what size of cubicle you need, we created the resource guide of standard sizes of office cubicles.  Here we provide a visual of the different sizes & heights of office cubicles.  

If you want to work with a local dealer, we can connect you.  The remanufactured office industry is a friendly one.  Email us & we will connect you & assist them in duplicating this style. 

Industrial Cubicles 

industrial cubicles

If you are looking for tall industrial cubicles that will have overheads, an idea is to face the overheads with live wood edge.  Here are a few examples in the private offices.  This could be done on the cubicles.  We do love industrial office furniture!  

Walnut Live Edge

Maple Live Edge 

Maple Floating Cabinet

Pecan Live Edge

Pecan Wood Floating Cabinet Kansas City