Office Kitchen Etiquette Funny Rules for keeping the Work Kitchen Clean

Starts at: $6.95

Our office kitchen etiquette funny rules to keep that work kitchen clean.  From cubicle etiquette to the office kitchen, we have signs to help!  Are you tired of seeing dirty dishes in the sink?  Have you had it with dumping out the dishwasher or the science projects in the refrigerators?  We are here to help.  This is a 8 x 11.5″ downloadable file.  You print the file out yourself, place in the kitchen, & mark this off your to-do list.  🙂  

If you want a different size, let us know.  Or, we can print and send to you in any size.  Here is the pricing for common sizes:

12″ x 16″ = $24.95
18″ x 24″ = $26.95
21″ x 28″ = $31.95

As always, you can contact us for special requests.