Air Plant Holder Perfect Sustainable Gift

Starts at: $14.95

Air Plant Holder Perfect Sustainable Gift This air plant holder is part of our Waste to Wow line of sustainable products. Recognize the air plant holder? We will give you a hint, every office has this & we repurposed it. Made from aluminum. We have different colors. The diameter is 1″ and the height 10″. We love air plants for the low maintenance, while still showcasing biophilic design for the workplace. You just soak your air plant from 3 hours up to overnight once a week.  

Sustainability: Yes, this is a repurposed aluminum drum from your toner.  The maple wood is from wood scrap.  

Made in the USA:  Yes!!

Custom: Yes, we can customize a bit on the hole size.

Availability: Ready to go.

Starts at: $14.95  

Shipping: Yes included in Price