Anti-viral copper surface cover

Starts at: $79.95

This anti-viral copper surface cover is a response to an article in the Wall Street Journal:  Your Open Office could help spread Coronavirus.   We know there are many folks sitting in an open office.  The last part of the article got our attention with the mention of copper desks could have helped.  Copper?  Why copper?  

Anti-Viral Copper 

This article by Vice, Copper Destroys Virus and Bacteria.  Why isn’t it everywhere?  does an excellent job of explaining the history of copper and how copper workers survived virus outbreaks in the 1800s.  Basically, we moved away from copper and brass (brass is part copper) due to costs vs. science.  We knew our love for vintage brass decor was a good thing!  

The science says the copper kills virus and bacteria.  

Anti-Viral Copper Surface Cover

Our copper surface cover is designed to go over your existing surface.  It is sold by the square inch.  Place it on a surface that is likely to get bacteria.  The top of a reception desk is an example.  If you have guests sign-in, this is a good location.  

Cut to order & Priced per Squared Inch

As this is a new product for us, please contact us for your needs.