Arcadia Domo Arcadia Contract Encore Seating

Starts at: $1,800.00

We have a set of 3 Arcadia Domo mobile lounge chairs.  Arcadia Contract | Encore Seating is made in the USA.  These comfortable lounge chairs would work in a break-out areas, small meeting rooms, waiting rooms, etc.  

We have sold our 3 used Domo chairs.  We would need to order these new from Arcadia & quote out with their current rates.   Contact Us to quote new Arcadia Domo chairs

If you love the fabric on these chairs, the fabric is commercial grade Maharam.  

Seat Cushion & Box :  

Mahaham Trait Prussian 

Rest of Chair:  

Maharam Pocket Maritime

These lounge chairs are in nearly new condition.  These Arcadia Domo chairs were part of our Chairs for Charity Inventory.  A large portion of the revenue from the sale of these chairs was donated to provide blankets for kids in a foster care.  

For a video close-up of the office lounge chairs. 

Arcadia Contract Encore Seating

Arcadia Contract has been one of our favorite lines for lounge furniture!  

Sustainability:  Yes, this is reusing fun, modern lounge chairs. 

Custom:  Yes, we can order new to match these. 

Availability:  Ready to go.

(Rent for $50 a month for a short term need.)

Shipping:  Not included in Price

One of the stump coffee tables would be a nice compliment to these Domo chairs.

To find out more about these Arcadia Domo Chairs:  

Information from Arcadia Contract

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