Best office chair for lower back pain

Starts at: $695.00

There are lots of good, ergonomic office chairs out there.  We have sat in and sold many of them.  What makes this chair different is the primary focus on active sitting.  Active sitting keeps your lower back muscles engaged versus slouching or passive sitting.  Every part of this chair was designed to support the lower back.  

Things we noticed in this ergonomic office chair that made it different from other office chairs:  
  1. The adjustable arms are higher compared to other office chairs.  With the standard desk height at 29”, the arms go up to this height.  The height provides additional support for your arms.  
  2. We have seen office chairs with as many as 4 paddle adjustments.  If you love to play drummer with a bunch of adjustment paddles, this isn’t the chair for you.  This chair has 2 paddles. A pneumatic adjustment for height and a tilt adjustment.  
  3. Most office chairs have a taller back.  The top of the chair will hit you mid back.  Our initial thought was, “that is is interesting, but will we miss the taller back?”  The answer is no.  What we love is you can stretch out your back over that rounded chair pad.  Stretching your back feels amazing and we strongly encourage it.  
  4. This ergonomic office chair is well made.  The parts come from all over the world and it is assembled in Kansas City.  The cushions are sewn in Denver, Colorado.  As with many things, we have noticed the quality of chair parts decreasing.  You will not see it here.  From the casters to those cushions, you will see and feel the quality.  
Bottom line, there is lots of science behind the ergonomics of this chair.  Purchase this best office chair for lower back pain chair along with the lumbar support pillow  for when you are sitting but not in your chair and your back will love you!
Other ergonomic office chair features:  
This office chair has a weight limit of 250 pounds.  A steel plate can be added to increase the weight limit or for a bariatric chair need.  The chair does come in stool height with a change of the cylinder height.  If you need a wider seat pan, the arms will move out by a knob adjustment on the bottom of the chair.  

Best Office Chair for Sciatica Nerve Pain

If you specifically have sciatica nerve pain, this office chair will help.  We asked Master Xiao of Master Xiao Healing his thoughts after looking at the chair.  Master Xiao practices traditional Chinese medicine.  He had noticed a significant reduction in sciatica nerve pain in one of his client’s after 2 weeks of sitting in this chair.  

“The shape of the back of the chair stretches out the back muscles.  Stretching the back is very good for the sciatica nerve.”  Master Xiao