Emeco Chairs Hudson Aluminum Conference Chair

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Bam!  Emeco Chairs These Emeco Hudson aluminum conference chairs will boost your ego & make you feel like the Incredible Hulk.  They were designed by Philippe Starck.  Yes, you know he is amazing as he even has his own Wikipedia page.  Philippe Starck created and named it for Ian Schrager’s Hudson Hotel in Manhattan, New York.  

Modern Office 

These modern office chairs are included in the design collection of the Museum of Modern Art.  You do not have to travel to New York to see them.  You can see them in our showroom in downtown Grandview on Design Drive!   The Hudson was selected by the Chicago Athanaeum as one of the top designs for 2000, winning the prestigious “Good Design Award”.   Weighing in at less than 25 pounds, impress your co-workers with your strength!  It will surprise you with the comfort.  These are used saving the company expense account too! 

See what our friend Wilma has to say about the comfort of the Emeco Hudson chair. 

The US manufacturer, Emeco, is fascinating.  They created the famous Navy Chair.  No doubt, you have likely sat in a Navy chair.  To hear more of them story, you can follow this link to YouTube.  

Emeco Story

Past Clients: Cool clients that like cool things. 

Sustainable Office:  Yes, aluminum is recyclable & these beauties Made in USA were mfg in Pennsylvania

Custom:   We can order more new for you.  Cushion available for order new too. 

Availability: We have 8 in our showroom & can order more new. 

Rent:  $50 a month per chair. 

Shipping:  Not included in Price

UPDATE!!  These wonderful chairs were sold!



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