Faux Succulent Arrangement

Starts at: $34.95

This faux succulent arrangement makes us happy!  We paired faux succulents with dried billy balls.  The planter is vintage Metlox poppytrail daisy china.  The sculptured daisies really pop!  

We love repurposing beautiful vintage pieces into faux succulent arrangements.  If you enjoy antique stores, estate sales, garage sales, thrift stores, or auctions, take a look at the dishes.  Many times you can pick up a beautiful pieces for a couple of dollars.  One of our favorite projects was a light in our showroom created from vintage drinking glasses.  

These succulent arrangements make great gifts.  Or, keep it for yourself.  🙂  For a second look, check out our gallery.  We switched the billy balls with yellow berries from a bag of faux silk flowers we picked up at a thrift store.  We love both options and the touch of yellow is the right kiss of accent to bring out the yellow in the center of the daisies.  

For those wanting to DIY, here is where we purchased our faux succulents used in this planter.