indoor office planter to turn heads & clean air

Starts at: $69.95

We love this wood indoor office planter as a desktop planter.  It has 2 self-watering eco-friendly planters from recycled plastic.    The Made in USA  from another KC company planters are available in many colors.  Plants are a key component of biophilic design & increasing office productivity.  They are also on our office must have list with the air purification in the office

This wood desktop planter is 27″ tall.  The base is 10″ x 13″ in maple, cherry, & walnut.  We love that the planter stand is easy to move to get more light.  Also, you can use planter stand for 2 plants.  You can do 1 plant and 1 office caddy.  In this picture, we have files in the orange planter.  

We also have 3 tier planter.  Here we show the indoor planter stand in our showroom reception.  

office planters and reception

office planters and reception