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Monday, Apr. 23rd 2018

Office Productivity: Why BIOPHILIC DESIGN is your best option

Biophilic Design Kansas City

These days, it’s not uncommon to find green plants, moss walls, a lot of natural light and paints with natural colors (on the walls), in offices. The world has discovered its innate need to keep nature as close as possible, and many organizations are tapping into it.

Before we dive into the WHY, what is Biophilic design?

Humans are wired with the innate need for continuous connection with nature, but urbanization has gradually snatched that reality. Biophilia as a concept (first popularized in 1984 by Edward O. Wilson), refers to the innate relationship between humans and nature. These designs are geared at enhancing our connection with nature at home and in the office. Thus, the plants and lighting are ways to bring nature closer to us.

Biophilic designs are a human-centered approach to the design of the home and workspace that has benefits for the health, productivity, the emotional, intellectual, and spiritual well-being of the individuals who live or work there. Research has shown that the incorporation of elements of nature in the workplace reduces stress, heart rates, and blood pressure levels greatly. It also increases productivity, creativity and self-reported rates of well-being.

The workspace…

Biophilic design is referred to as “the best-kept secret of the workplace” for a number of reasons!  First, it adds life to the workspace. When it comes to including these designs in the workplace, the basic elements include:

  • Environmental features – like plants, moss and lichen walls, framed wall garden etc.
  • Natural shapes and forms
  • Natural patterns and processes
  • Light and space

The inclusion of nature to the workspace encourages a renewal of the workspace and reduces stress. It gives a feeling of the workspace as a place to settle, adapt, explore and be creative. It also fosters a sense of meaning and belonging.

Additionally, rather than the anxious and boring feeling that is common in workplaces, nature can turn the workspace into a happy place – A place where workers want to really be.

Biophilic Design is the best option for office productivity…

With the rate at which competition increases rapidly on a daily basis, productivity is a word that is never scarce on the lip of every Manager or Business Owner. There are other expensive ways to increase productivity, but the simple transformation of your workspace is that shortcut you have been looking for.  If you are looking for an EASY way to increase productivity, then, you need to include biophilic designs in your office.

Over the years, research has shown that biophilic designs in workplace improve workers creativity, engagement, and cognitive ability. Hence, increasing office productivity by a whopping 8 percent in one study!

Additionally, it reduces the number of staff who are absent from work and strengthens competitive advantage. Very importantly, when workers feel closer to nature, their well-being increases by about 13% and it translates to a reduction in sick leave and increase in workers input and retention.

The search for ways to boost office productivity is a continuous search. These designs offer you a long-term investment in the productivity and well-being of your staff. Let Green Clean Designs make your investment worthwhile. Contact us today for way to increase office productivity by including biophilic designs in your office. 

Here are some of our biophilic designs available for purchase from us:

Moss Framed Art

BAM Moss Wall

Air Plants

Cubicle Planters

We love the living walls for commercial & residential use.  To purchase the Wallygro planter made in the US from recycled plastic, you can click this link & head to Amazon. 

Self Watering Hanging Planters (KC Company made from recycled plastic)

Self Watering Hanging Planters

Here are the planters in white sold in a group of 4.  Love that kiss of moss done around the planter.  

White Hanging Self Watering Planters 

Indoor Living Wall Planter


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