LED Modern Chandelier GreenCleanDesigns.com

Starts at: $995.00

LED Modern Chandelier We love our custom designed blue chandelier.  It is repurposed from aluminum scheduled to be recycled.  Instead, it was repurposed into an amazing LED Modern chandelier.  We could have done a green color.  For this first one, we went with blue.  The tubular design from the aluminum drums could be made different custom lights.  Do you have a design in mind…contact us!  We would love to help.  It is light weight.  The LED bulbs add to the sustainability.  

Made in KC!  Come see it in person as our showroom & let’s design a light for you!  

Sustainability:  Yes, LED lights!   

Custom:  Yes, and we would LOVE to do it in the custom form.  

Availability:  Lead time needed.

We love these repurposed drums for different uses.  Here we created a modern business card holder which is fabulous coworker gift!  

Drums as a business card holder.