Mid Century Inspired Desk from reclaimed office cubicle overheads

Starts at: $495.00

The artist of this collaboration went with a mid century inspired desk.  These modified L desks would work in a small space.  We took a used overhead & had a very talented collaborator paint it.  Doesn’t it make you smile?  There is statistical evidence that art in the workplace helps with creativity & reduces stress by 50%.  The desk is white laminate with black post legs.   Whatever your design style, we can match it with the artwork on the overhead.   

Past Clients:. This one was for ourselves.  We wanted to show the used overhead in a new way.  We would love to do something similar for a client.  

Sustainability: Yes, we refurbished a used cubicle overhead & used desk. 

Custom:  Yes, we can customize for your needs. 

Availability:  Lead time is 6 to 8 weeks from time of order.  Ships from Kansas City.

Shipping:  Not included in Price