Office fabric pinboard top 3 benefits for you.

Starts at: $145.00

An office fabric pinboard is a way to stay organized as well personalizing your workspace.   There are many options from magnetic board, cork bulletin board, combination boards, or our custom fabric tackboards.  We have made many a desk divider or fabric pinboard.  Besides helping you be efficient, these pinboards absorb sound.  Helpful when you have a coworker that swallowed a megaphone!  

We can customize in many ways from size, shape, framing, etc.  We can even share our affordable way on how to make your fabric pinboard magnetic.

Sustainable:  Yes.  Many of our fabric options are fabric remnants from projects adding to the sustainability.  Plus the material we use for our pinboards is made from recycled paper…Think paper mâché material. 

Made in USA:  Yes.



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