desk dividers for soundproofing

Starts at: $149.95

How about these desk dividers for soundproofing and visual privacy!  We assisted a manufacturing plant in designing some aluminum desks for their drafting dudes a while back.    As we were walking around to find scrap material to utilize in the install, we saw this interesting scrap material.  

mfg scrap repurposed

What we loved was it was lightweight making shipping affordable & easy to make freestanding.  A former furniture executive saw it & immediately thought it would be perfect for a desk divider for benching or desking stations.  Or, it could dividers a long table.  We think so too!  What do you think?  Will this work for your office space?

We tested the desktop privacy divider to see if it could be dry erase board.  And, it can!  How about one side as a dry erase board & the other side as art!  

desktop privacy divider

Desktop Privacy Divider

We also have these freestanding desk dividers & privacy desk dividers & office phone booth for acoustic office products.   

custom desk pin boards

Another use for this material is a freestanding sign.  It is light weight & durable.  You can attach a printed cling & switch out the cling for your needs.  We used this for our outdoor Christmas tree sign.  

free standing sign frame


Plants also provide soundproofing for your workspace as they absorb sound.  We feature our indoor office planter in this workspace.  There are many other benefits of plants in the office