plant desk calendar with stand

Starts at: $17.95

This plant desk calendar with stand features photos of our recommended best cubicle plants.   There are many benefits to plants in the office.   We believe a picture of plants can have the same calming impact.  We love how a dentist office featured flower photography as lobby art.  

lobby art

For our 5 x 7 desk calendar in a 6″ wood stand, we wanted something to comfortably fit on your desk or in your cubicle.  The plants we included:  Pothos, Fern, Moss, Peace Lilly, Jade, ZZ, Snake, Air, Aloe Vera, Spider, Arrowhead, & Prayer.  

On the back of the bright white card stock, we include helpful tips about care and the office toxins that plant removes.  This desk plant calendar is included in our cubicle decorating kit.